Telling Stories With Tarot Workbook


Tarot is a storytelling tool, illustrating the story of the self and the journeys we move through in life. But, it can be tricky to learn the art of connecting the cards and creating that seamless flow that professional readers seem to exhibit so effortlessly.

Telling Stories With Tarot is a digital workbook that aims to teach you how to create stronger narratives in your Tarot readings. Through a series of practical tasks, you’ll learn how to link the meanings of cards in a way that helps you tell a clear and accurate story through your Tarot cards.

Product Info: 

  • Digital Workbook
  • 26-pages


In this Telling Stories With Tarot digital workbook, you’ll learn all about the elements of creating a narrative flow with your Tarot readings.

Telling stories with your Tarot cards adds a more three-dimensional meaning to your readings. You can find nuances and complexities that aren’t available to you when you read each card individually. This workbook aims to take you through a three and seven-card reading, to help you see how you can create stories with your Tarot readings.

  • Once you complete this workbook, you’ll be able to
  • Find the narrative arc in your Tarot readings
  • See how additional cards in a spread can add more depth to your stories
  • Conduct both three and seven-card Tarot readings in a free-flowing way
  • Find more complex connections between all of the cards in your Tarot reading

Who Is It For: Telling Stories With Tarot is a workbook aimed at beginners who know the basic meanings of the cards and are looking to take their reading that little bit further. It can also be used by advanced readers looking for new ways to create a stronger narrative in their readings.


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