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Hey there, I´m Cat, owner of Energetic Tarot and Tarot teacher

Energetic Tarot is all about giving you back your own power through the tool of Tarot. There are elements of spirituality to what is offered, but the majority of the power comes from inside of you. 

Tarot and Oracle cards are tools, they can’t predict the future exactly or dictate what will happen to you. They are there for introspection. They allow you a portal with which to view the self and understand those things in life that we find hard to process. 

One thing that I wanted to achieve with Energetic Tarot, was to show you how anyone can pick up a deck of cards and put them to use. You don’t need to have a ‘calling’, you don’t have to have a deck gifted to you. If you are looking for a tool that can perfectly connect mind, body and soul, then a deck of cards is the perfect tool for you. 


Tarot and Your Well-Being

Tarot reading is believed by many to be a way to divine the future. There are many psychic Tarot readers out there that claim to help you see into the future, I am not one of them. I used to offer Tarot readings to the public online, when I had a client I connected with and who understood my way of using the cards it felt great. But, the widely believed idea that Tarot can somehow solve your problems or tell you what to do attracted a lot of people that I didn’t feel entirely comfortable working with. 

Fast forward a few years and I have moved away from my open Tarot bookings and spent my time developing ways for people to use Tarot as the tool it was always meant to be. I love learning about the world of Tarot, the history, the different theology entangled within it, so I wanted to share that passion with others as well. Now I take on a more tutorship role, helping others that want to use their Tarot or Oracle cards to learn more about themselves and to navigate life’s challenges. 


I still love offering Tarot readings to people, but I love helping others to help themselves even more. I want to offer a service that I can walk away from knowing that I’ve helped someone take back the reins of their own life. I wanted to share with others how Tarot has helped support and guide me through dark and difficult times and how they can create a practice that does the same for them.

This is why you will see a range of different offerings here on Energetic Tarot. From self-led workshops helping you use the cards to reconnect with yourself, to courses helping you take your very first steps into the world of card reading. I also offer Tarot readings for those looking for a bit of outside guidance around their self-development and self-exploration. Hopefully if you’ve found your way here already, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for before you leave. 

Cat x


Core Values of

Energetic Tarot


Empowerment - Giving you back your power and control of your life


Experimentation - There is no wrong way to read the cards


Awareness - Using the cards to help you be more aware of the self and others


Development - Whether it be developing the self or your card reading skills


Grounding - Anchoring you in the present using the knowledge of the cards


Introspection - Showing you how to feel comfortable with analysing your inner world


See what offering is best for you

Self-Led Online Workshops

A collection of online workshops lasting between 60-90 minutes. Ideal for those looking to dedicate time to their self-development or problem solving.

Workbooks & Journals

A library of digital workbooks and journals that you can use to start getting hands-on with the cards at your own pace.

Online Courses

Online courses ranging from beginner to intermediate. Learn how to read Tarot from the ground up, or expand your current knowledge.

Explore free resources

As well as all of my paid offerings, I also have a wealth of free resources you can tap into. From podcast episodes to a full 78 card Tarot directory and even deep dive kits. Explore what’s on offer ->

energetic tarot courses and lessons