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The Energetic Tarot Foundational course is a beginner Tarot reading course. It aims to help you learn all 78 cards and read the Tarot in a way that draws on your own ideas, beliefs and life experiences. Doing this can dramatically improve how quickly you can read Tarot intuitively as well as help you create a unique way of read the cards right from the get go. 

In Energetic Tarot, you’ll focus on reading the cards as little bursts of energy. This can help you better understand what the card means in a real world context. It can also help you to avoid thinking of the cards a fortune telling device and more of a tool for deep, nourishing self-care and development. 

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In the Energetic Tarot Foundational Course you’ll learn how to:


Read all 78 Tarot Cards

There are 78 different Tarot cards in a deck and each one has its own unique collection of meanings. In the course you’ll learn all of the different meanings by applying them to your own real-world experience.

Don’t panic about the amount of meanings you have to mean, I’ll be right here to help guide you through and you’ll learn them all in no-time. 


Build a unique way of reading Tarot

The best thing about Energetic Tarot is that you are given the foundational tools you will need to build a style of reading completely your own. There is no set way to interpret the cards and every Tarot reader will offer their own spin on things when reading. 

By building flexible foundations, you’ll be able to grow your Tarot reading practice in a way that best suits you. 


Confidently read based on intuition & knowledge respectively

Energetic Tarot isn’t solely about being able to read intuitively. Building a solid knowledge of the Tarot as a whole and the traditional meanings are extremely important. It’s this knowledge that gives your intuition direction, helping you interpret more clearly. So, we place an equal importance on both practical knowledge and intuitive messages when reading the cards.


Here’s what will happen when you sign-up


It’s easy to enrol, just purchase the course from the shop and you’ll be directed on how to get started with the course.


You’ll get an email with a link to create your unique student login. This will give you access to the course portal and all materials.


The course is self-led so you can start whenever and take as long as you need. However, my inbox is always open for student questions!

Course Module Breakdown

Module 1: History & How It Works

To be able to fully understand and respect the Tarot, we need to have a quick look at where it comes from and how it’s original structure contributes to how we read the cards today. As well as diving into a brief history of the Tarot, we will also look at how the Tarot works, how it does what it does and what that means for us as Tarot readers. 

Module 2: The Divine Feminine & Masculine

To help you as a beginner, we take a look at the concept of divine feminine and masculine, how they can help us better understand the Tarot and where they now sit in a world that is more gender fluid. This is a foundational framework that will run through the course and help you build your own meanings. 

Module 3: Conscious, Subconscious and Higher Conscious

This is the final framework lesson before we get stuck into learning the meanings of the cards. Understanding the roles of the conscious, subconscious and higher conscious will massively help you when it comes to learning the meanings of the cards and the context they bring to a reading. 

Module 4: Major Arcana

We get started learning the meanings of the first 22 cards in a Tarot deck, known as the Major Arcana. You’ll learn all the meanings of these cards from The Fool all the way to The World. 

Module 5: Swords

Once we’ve covered all 22 of the Major Arcana, we’ll take a look at the Minor Arcana, starting with the suit of the Swords. We’ll look at what Swords mean in the Tarot and how they can help us better understand areas such as intellect, communication and beliefs. 

Module 6: Wands

You’ll learn all about the suit of the Wands in Tarot, how it can help us better understand our personal power and how we can use it to create things in the material world.

Module 7: Cups

You’ll learn about the Tarot Cups and how they direct our attention to our emotional and intuitive realm. You’ll discover how the Cups can be read and how they can offer context to your readings. 

Module 8: Pentacles/Coins

You’ll learn all the meanings of the Pentacles or Coins as they are sometimes known. You’ll discover all the meanings of the Pentacles cards and what context they offer. 

Module 9: Court Cards

Finally for the Minor Arcana, you’ll learn about the Court Cards, looking at how the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings are read differently to their other Minor Arcana counterparts. 

Module 10: Basic Spreads For Beginners

To finish off the course, you’ll learn a set of basic Tarot spreads that you can use to do readings for yourself or your loved ones. You’ll learn spreads that combine the energies of 3-7 Tarot cards and touch on how you can start to link the meanings of each card together, to form a more cohesive narrative for your readings. 

Cat breaks everything down so beautifully. She is very easy to understand and you can just tell that she has a lot of knowledge to share about tarot. I was a complete beginner, had never even owned a tarot deck before I took her course. The breakdown and thought that she put into this is so greatly appreciated. This is the perfect course to begin your tarot journey! I’m so glad I took the leap 💖✨


I learned a lot from the Tarot fundamentals course. I was worried at first about how many cards I’d have to memorise, but Cat perfectly breaks everything down into manageable chunks. Now I feel a lot more confident reading for both myself and my family and friends!



Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will I learn in the foundational course?

You will learn the meanings of all 78 cards as well as some beginner friendly frameworks and spreads. These will help you make sense of how context can change the meanings of a card when read alongside other cards.

The course is broken down into the following modules: 

  1. Tarot History & How It Works
  2. The Divine Feminine and Masculine
  3. Conscious, Subconscious & Higher Conscious
  4. Major Arcana
  5. Cups
  6. Swords
  7. Wands
  8. Pentacles
  9. Court Cards
  10. Basic Spreads For Beginners


How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime* access to the course and your student login. This means there’s no rush to complete the course and you can learn at your own pace.  

What if I get stuck or confused about something?

If you get confused about anything or need something to be broken down further, feel free to drop me an email at cat@energetictarot.co.uk at any point throughout the course. I’m always happy to answer any questions that might pop up that the lessons might not cover. 

How long does the course take to complete?

As this is a self-led course, how long it takes is completely down to you and how fast or slow you learn. I always recommend taking the course as slow as possible as that is the best way to learn. Trying to cram too much information into your brain in a short space of time will hinder your learning and cause a great deal of frustration! 

On average, each lesson takes around 45-60 minutes to complete and there are a total of 17 lessons housed within 10 modules.  


What do I get when I purchase the foundational course?

When you purchase the course you get access to all 10 course modules as well as the lesson workbooks. The course is housed in an online learning portal, allowing you to track your progress through the course and make it easy to work at your own pace. 

*Lifetime access refers to the life span of the course itself. Any courses that are discontinued will be packaged up and sent to existing students as a Zip so it can be continued on your local device.



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