Tarot For Reconnection Workshop


The Tarot For Reconnection workshop is a self-led video workshop with an accompanying workbook.

Lasting around 50 minutes, you’ll be taken through a series of tasks to help you learn about using Tarot or Oracle cards for self-care.

This workshop is accessible to all levels of Tarot readers and is designed to help you reconnect with your most authentic self and feel more rooted in the present.

Some benefits of working through the Tarot For Reconnection workshop are: 

  • More clarity about what you want from life and what goals to aim for
  • Feeling more confident in the self
  • Feelin more rooted in where you are in life at this moment
  • A greater understanding of how to do Tarot readings on yourself


A self-led video workshop with an accompanying workbook.

This video workshop lasts around 50 minutes and takes you through a series of tasks using your Tarot or Oracle cards. I talk you through why we use Tarot cards for self-care and go on to show you how you can use your cards to feel more present, reconnect with the self and gain new perspectives.

When you purchase the workshop, you’ll receive a secure zip file with both the video workshop and the accompanying workbook. Use these together to work through the tasks laid out and get the most from the workshop.

The Tarot for Reconnection workshop has been designed to be accessible to both beginners and pros. The focus of the tasks is more about the connection between you and the cards, it’s not about testing how well you remember the meanings. If you need to use the guidebook of your deck to support you, it is highly encouraged.

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