Tarot For Limiting Beliefs Workshop


Explore the things that are holding you back with this 90-minute self-led Tarot for Limiting Beliefs workshop.

This video workshop guides you through a series of tasks that help you to use your Tarot or Oracle cards to identify, dig down into and overcome your core limiting beliefs.

The benefits of working through this self-led video workshop are: 

  • Understanding what it is that is stopping you from reaching your goals or taking exciting risks
  • Understanding where your limiting beliefs come from and how they were made
  • Understanding how to overcome the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way
  • Creating a clear and actionable plan to breakdown long-standing beliefs


Tarot For Limiting Beliefs is a 90-minute self-led video workshop that also comes with an accompanying workbook.

In this workshop, you’ll work with either your Tarot or Oracle cards, to identify, dig down into and overcome limiting beliefs.

A limiting belief often feels like an invisible force stopping you from moving towards a goal or dream. They are created by the subconscious to keep us safe, so using the Tarot cards offers us a gentle way of telling our subconscious everything is okay.

Together we’ll work through a carefully designed Tarot spread. This spread will help you identify what your limiting beliefs are, where they come from, how they were made and then how you can overcome them.

Before you finish the workshop you’ll have a better idea of what exactly is holding you back and why, plus you’ll have created a clear action plan on how you can break down these beliefs and start to thrive.

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