Tarot For Limiting Beliefs Workbook

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A 25-page digital workbook to help you use your Tarot or Oracle cards to overcome limiting beliefs.

This workbook takes you through a series of tasks using your cards, to help you identify, get to the root of and breakdown your limiting beliefs.

Start to see how you’re standing in your own way and what you’re truly capable of once you remove any obstacles in your way.


Explore the Tarot For Limiting Beliefs workbook. In this 25-page digital download, you’ll find tasks and guidance to help you use either your Tarot or Oracle cards to overcome the limiting beliefs currently holding you back.

Start to build a closer relationship with your cards and watch as they help you move forward with clarity, confidence and empowerment.

This workbook is designed to help you use your cards to:

  • Identify what your limiting beliefs are
  • Why they exist
  • How to overcome them

Complete the limiting beliefs workbook with a clear and confident plan in place, helping you break down the beliefs stopping you from reaching your full potential. Banish limiting beliefs and start to thrive!

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