The Major Arcana Workbook


The Major Arcana Workbook is an editable PDF download, helping you master all 22 Major Arcana cards.

This workbook is designed with absolute beginners in mind, teaching you the foundational meanings of the cards, as well as encouraging you to find your own personal connections with the meanings to help you read intuitively right from the word go.


The Major Arcana Tarot workbook is a digital, editable PDF workbook that you can use to master the meanings of all 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards.

Within this intensive workbook, you’ll find meanings of each of the Major Arcana cards, quizzes to test your knowledge and space to start exploring your own personal connection to the cards.

Energetic Tarot teaches in a way that roots your Tarot practice in intuition and life experiences. This means you draw from the things you already know, your own feelings and read much more intuitively.

The workbook also acts like a guide, offering you foundational information about the Tarot and the Major Arcana, to help teach you as much as possible about these important cards.

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137 Pages

Editable PDF

Digital Download

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Digital Download

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