Elemental Energies in Tarot Workbook & Guide

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Explore how the four elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) play a key role in the meanings of the Tarot cards.

I talk you through how you can use Elemental Energies in Tarot to deepen your interpretations and expand on the traditional meanings of the cards.

This guide/workbook is ideal for anyone looking to take the next step up from a beginner Tarot reader and widen their field of knowledge about the world of Tarot.


Looking to expand your Tarot knowledge and find new ways to read the cards? Introducing Elemental Energies in Tarot.

In this guide/workbook, I talk you through the elemental energies and how they play a role in the Tarot.

Working with elemental energies when reading your Tarot cards is a great way to intuitively interpret any card that comes up. Elemental energies are such an integral part of our conscious and physical world, that applying elemental properties to Tarot cards can help us understand messages much more clearly.

Learn how to identify elemental energy through Tarot imagery, astrology and more.

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