It’s finally here, Halloween or Samhain if you celebrate the pagan holidays. We’ve talked a bit about what Samhain is and how we can use it to give ourselves a fresh start, but now we’re taking action and cracking on with a ritual to help us do just that.

Halloween is one of the most powerful nights of the year, because the veil to the spirit world is the thinnest, meaning we can call upon the energy and wisdom of those that came before. It’s also a time that is filled with gratitude and thankfulness and if there’s one thing the universe loves, it’s being thanked for everything it’s already given you.

Gratitude and reflection are going to be our main drivers as we go through this simple Halloween ritual for beginners. We’ll be making sure to put out that positive grateful energy, so that we can attract it back to us later in the next cycle.

Let’s have a look at what we’ll need:

  • 1x Black Candle – To absorb negativity

  • 1x White Candle – To promote positivity

  • Smokey Quartz PointTo ground you

  • Heat Proof Bowl

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • Mirror – For amplifying your energy

  • Dried Sage – For cleansing and purifying

How to perform your Halloween ritual

  1. Position yourself in front of a mirror, ideally, one that you can see your full face in. Place the two candles in front of the mirror and light them, positioning the smokey quartz point between them, pointing towards you.

  2. If you can sit in front of the mirror great, if you need to stand, that’s ok too. Concentrate on the flames of the candles in the mirror’s reflection and focus on your breathing. Breathe in for 5, hold for 4 and breathe out for another count of 5.

  3. Once you feel ready and relaxed, take your paper and write down everything you are grateful for receiving or achieving this year. You can do this using separate strips for each point if you want to, this can make them easier to burn.

  4. Use the candle to set fire to the paper within the heatproof bowl and focus as the smoke rises into the air. Watching the smoke, repeat the following affirmations:

    • I thank the universe for everything it has gifted me this year and I’m grateful for what has been, what is and what is yet to come. I now banish the negativity holding me back and embrace the positivity pulling me forward.

  5. I like to keep saying my affirmations, either out loud or in my head as I then slip into a 10-minute meditation. Playing meditation playlists really helps me to get in the zone. To get the most out of the ritual, maintain that contact with the reflections of the candle flames in the mirror as you meditate.

  6. Once you’re done with your meditation, take the ashes of your paper and mix in some dried sage. You can then transfer this mixture and your smokey quartz crystal to a pouch or jar that you can carry around with you or keep nearby, as a good luck charm. You can also bury the mixture in the ground, showing that this cycle is over and you’re ready to start a new one.