where to start spiritual journey

I remember back in the day when I was just starting my own spiritual journey I thought ‘how do you know where to start your spiritual journey?’.

I took one look at how many different avenues I could go down, got scared and retreated. From then on I was living in a constant cycle of near starts but not actually getting very far.

That’s when I decided to start a Book of Shadows. A Journal that would keep track of everything I learned on my spiritual journey. I started with absolute basics like the wheel of the year, the different sabbats and how to set up an altar.

Of course, this is all from a witch’s point of you. But, where do you start your spiritual journey outside of witchcraft? To be honest it’s not too dissimilar. Instead of writing down the witchy stuff, you can start with the basics of spirituality.

Everyone’s journey is unique to them, but I thought I’d help out those of you who are right at the beginning of your journey. So, here are my top tips on knowing where to start your spiritual journey.

Where to start your spiritual journey? From the beginning…

Most people fall at the first hurdle because they want to get to the exciting stuff right away. The problem with that though is that the stuff that we label exciting or mystical needs a foundation on which to make any sense.

It starts with you. Your spiritual journey relies on you knowing exactly why you want and need to be on this journey. Grab a journal now and answer these three questions:

  1. How do I think this spiritual journey will help me live a better life?

  2. What is my main motivation for wanting to start a spiritual journey?

  3. What is my goal for this journey? Where do I want it to take me?

I highly encourage you to start a spiritual journal to help you keep track. Beginning with these three prompts will instantly set you on the right path. It can also help you better understand what you need to look for within the spiritual world.

A lot of the time we feel lost and overwhelmed by all the options because we don’t know what we want from the spiritual journey itself. Your intention is really all it takes, once you’ve set that then things start to line up and become clearer.

Focus on the self

A spiritual journey is about understanding your soul’s place within the universe. To understand how your energy affects the things around you. How the mind, body and soul are intrinsically linked and all three need as much care and attention as the others.

Your spiritual journey is about you, so start by pinpointing areas that could benefit from some spiritual guidance. For me, it was my confidence. My confidence levels were one of the biggest causes of my anxiety and once I decided to work on that part of me, everything else started to fall neatly into place. I gained a sense of direction, I saw new opportunities to explore new tools and theologies.

For you, there may be a limiting belief that you want to investigate further. You might want to do some shadow work to uncover the root cause of that belief. You may keep a journal where you track your progress and make notes of any ideas and realisations you uncovered.

The way you see the world and others starts inside of you. If you are constantly judging yourself, then you will always judge others. If you’re unhappy at home, then that will carry into other areas of your life. If you are in a terrible relationship then you will have a negative view of relationships as a whole.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘charity starts at home’? The same applies here. Spirituality starts at home, from within you.

The tools do not make the journey

The spiritual community has seen a huge boost over the last few years. We’ve now got more spiritual influencers, authors, podcasters and coaches than ever. We’re living in a spiritual renaissance. However, with this comes the usual issues with the likes of social media and public representation.

I follow a lot of witchy, spiritual women who I love, but I also recognise when a photo is staged for Instagram and when props are just that, props.

When you first start your spiritual journey you’ll probably look to those with more experience as inspiration. That’s fantastic and highly encouraged by me. However, know that in order to live a spiritual life all you need is yourself and the courage to keep peeling back your own layers.

Tools like Tarot or Oracle cards, crystals, altars, and the tangible material objects we often see grace our feeds, these are not essential. You could do a ritual with one candle or a hundred candles, crystals and a bonfire. It doesn’t matter. Your tools are not the heart of your spirituality, it’s your intention that counts.

Choosing your tools with intention

If you do want to have tools and objects surrounding you as you move along your spiritual journey, then they need to be chosen with intention. The reason I got so invested in Tarot cards was that I discovered that they were the perfect tool to help me tackle issues relating to my mental health. They helped give me support with my anxiety. They helped me make clearer and more confident discussions at a time when everything In my life seemed volatile.

If you want to start using crystal energy in your spiritual practices, then you need to know why that is the perfect tool for your work. Imagine a painter trying to paint but they choose a stapler instead of a paintbrush. The same applies to someone on a spiritual journey. If you don’t know why you’re using something then don’t use it.

Some beginner tools I’d recommend are:

Aim to find beginner-focused resources for any tools you want to investigate. You’ll find that the more you learn about your tools, the more new tools you’ll be introduced to. I didn’t know much about astrology before I started working with more advanced Tarot concepts. Trust that you’ll be introduced to the right tools when you need them most.

Knowing where to start your spiritual journey

A spiritual journey isn’t all love and light, there are periods of shadow, darkness and sadness. It is about becoming emotionally aware, to a point where you can fully embrace the good and the bad in equal measure.

Never shy away from the difficult conversations you will inevitably need to have with yourself. The shadow self often holds the most nourishment for us.

If you still feel like you need a bit of help getting started on your spiritual journey, why not take a look at my coaching package? I offer free discovery calls so you can feel confident that I’m the right coach for you. So drop me an email and let me know if you’d like to book a call.