As a spiritual coach, I am often approached by women who are looking to take a step into spirituality. They may want to take better care of their well-being or find a way to disconnect from being the ambitious business owners they are. But, the majority of them are looking for divine support. The feeling of not being alone on the journeys they have chosen.

It’s not easy knowing where to start with this spiritual journey. How do you even begin to be a more spiritual person? To help you take that first step, I thought I’d over 8 ways you can start your own spiritual journey. Once you’ve started you’ll start to see more avenues you could explore.

Everybody’s spiritual preferences and needs are different. One thing that interests one person may bore another. Choose something that not only interests you and makes you want to know more, but also helps you feel the way you’ve always wanted to feel.

1) Connect with your inner world

Essentially you’ll do this no matter what form of spirituality you choose to follow. Traditionally spirituality was closely linked to religion, but now we use the term to describe someone who is seeking a deeper meaning from life.

To start connecting with your inner world, I recommend starting a meditation practice that is consistent and turns the everyday focus inwards to pay attention to feelings, intuition and inner thoughts. It’s only by knowing what’s going on in the conscious mind and subconscious mind that we can work on personal growth and ensure we’re getting exactly the care we need.

2) Connect with your outer world

Mindfulness will help with this. Bringing your focus to the world around you by practising gratitude, connecting with the physical body, and connecting with nature.

When we connect with our outer world more we start to notice how we no longer covet things. We start to become more content with our lives, and what we have and let go of what we don’t have. If you’re someone that regularly lives inside a daydream or is always in a state of want, then this could be a great place to start your spiritual journey.

3) Connect with the divine & spirit

A remnant of the more traditional use of spirituality. Connecting with the divine energy or with spirit is something that can help you feel supported by a higher power. Whether you believe in one god, no gods or multiple gods, connect with divine energy can help us find the confidence to do what you feel most called to do.

Some people choose to connect to a god/s, and many modern witches will call upon deities as a personification of whatever energy they need support with or are looking to bring into their lives. This isn’t for everyone, but if you do feel a connection to a higher power or a divine force moving through you, then this could be an ideal topic to look into.

4) Connect with a practice

The way I got started with spirituality was through Witchcraft. Many label Witchcraft incorrectly citing it as a religion, but it’s a practice. Witches believe in different things, there is no one way to be a witch or practice your craft.

Creating a consistent practice and making an altar space dedicated to spiritual work and activities was a lifesaver for me. It became something familiar – no pun intended – and my brain started to recognise spaces and habits and preemptively put me into ‘spiritual mode’ before I even lifted a finger. This is a good place to start for those that love to be crafty and feel more relaxed and connected to themselves when they are doing something productive.

5) Connect with the chakras

The theory of chakras comes from ancient India, found within the Hindu Vedas, and is most commonly used within Eastern practices such as Yoga and especially Kundalini Yoga. Essentially the chakras are the seven main energy centres of the body. These energy centres lie within different areas of the body and manage their respective energy flow.

Each of these centres helps to keep our energy in balance and flowing through the body smoothly. The better the energy flow, the more balanced and at peace we feel. The chakras appear across a number of different spiritual journeys and topics. From crystal healing and meditation to Yoga and even the Tarot.

6) Connect with the universe

Similar to connecting with the divine, you can also start by connecting with the universe. Think about activities and subjects like manifestation and divination. Each of these relies on trust and belief in the universe to guide you in the right direction.

When you start to actively connect with the universe, you submit to the fact that you are not in control of fate. Not to say you hand over your free will, but you do hand over some responsibility for the trajectory of your life to a higher power. A power that is formed on synchronicity, symbolism and sacred patterns.

7) Connect with the body

Similarly to connect with your outer world, you could start your spiritual journey by getting more connected with your body. Doing this can help us calm the mind and ground ourselves in the present, leading to more awareness of the self and creating space for more abstract thought and downloads from that higher power.

There are lots of ways to connect to the body spiritually. Whether it’s Yoga, walks in nature or self-massage. Even practices like Reiki, breathwork and sound healing can help you find a new connection with your body.

8) Connect with different energies

If you’re interested in energies, the energies found within you, around you, divine energies etc. then looking at things around energy healing could be a good place to start your journey. Many beginners of spirituality start with the world of crystals, as each type of crystal projects a different type of energy depending on how it was formed and its chemical makeup.

You can even start simply by learning about lunar energies, the lunar cycle and how to use the different energies of the moon throughout each month.

If you still need some help and guidance on your own spiritual journey, make sure to check out my Soul Tarot Coaching sessions which uses the guidance of the Tarot cards to help uncover solutions, clarity and direction. Or, if you have a quick question about anything in this blog, drop me an email!