On February 1st we welcome back another Imbolc, the sabbat that tells us the cold harsh winters are nearly over and the sun is once again returning to warm us and the earth below.

Imbolc is the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, for the ancients, this was their signal to get ready to plant a brand new harvest and prepare for new life to spring forward.

Imbolc is also well known as Candlemas or Saint Brigid’s day in Gaelic and Celtic cultures, the saint is apparently said to get her name from the ancient Gaelic goddess Brigid, who brought fertility and rebirth to the earth and its people.

Saint Brigid’s Day

Brigid has become a big part of Imbolc, especially for neopagans such as Wiccans. At this time of the year, we like to celebrate the fertility and rebirth that Brigid brings and we welcome her into our homes to bring us good luck for the year ahead.

A Brigid straw doll is often used to represent the goddess in your home. Placing the doll on an altar, windowsill or on a ledge and creating a makeshift bed for her, will invite Brigid in and ensure she is welcome. This greeting will bring you good luck for the rest of the year and ensure that you can grow and develop in a positive and meaningful way.

planting seeds and deciding what you’d like to grow in your garden are great Imbolc celebrations

These days, it is more about a metaphorical growth rather than a literal one. Back in the day, it was very much about ensuring the crops grew well, their livestock thrived and ensuring come harvest season they had plenty of food to sustain them through the winter months.




How to Celebrate Imbolc

Although it’s not one of the main sabbats e.g. a solstice or an equinox, it is still a time to be celebrated. It’s a time to think about the seeds you want to sow this spring (metaphorical or literal) and make plans that you’d like to grow and flourish as the year goes on.

If you want to take things literally, then planting seeds and deciding what you’d like to grow in your garden are great Imbolc celebrations. If you’d like to make things more metaphorical, if you don’t really have the green thumbs needed, then planting metaphorical seeds is also a great task.

Remember, Imbolc is all about fresh starts, new growth and rebirth.

Many of us set resolutions or goals during the new year, but Imbolc is also a great time for goal setting and thinking about personal development that we’d like to see throughout the year.

If you are a creative or entrepreneur, this is also a great time for planning and creating ideas to help your business grow.

Putting Together a Simple Imbolc Ritual

Luck and fertility are the main properties of Imbolc, so doing these types of rituals can be very powerful. A simple ritual is creating a luck charm to carry you through the year. What you’ll need for this Imbolc ritual is:

  • Small pouch or a small jar

  • A piece of Jade

  • Dried basil

  • A penny

On the night of Imbolc, combine all the above into a small pouch or jar, you can also light a green candle for luck! Hold the pouch in your hands and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Using an affirmation during this is highly recommended.

For you affirmation, you can use the following as a guide:

I invite luck and prosperity into my life

I welcome luck and prosperity into my life

I deserve luck and prosperity in my life

Repeating affirmations like this during meditation can really help, especially if you struggle to keep your focus. It can also help to drill it into your subconscious, so that moving forward, you’ll unconsciously make decisions that attract more luck and prosperity into your life.

Sleep with the pouch under your pillow until the sunrise the next morning, or keep it by your bed. You can then carry it around and use it as a lucky charm moving forward.

Remember, Imbolc is all about fresh starts, new growth and rebirth. If you’ve been thinking about reinventing yourself, trying something new or coming up with new ideas for a business or career, now is the time!