Today we’re looking at the best crystals for anxiety, as anxiety amongst all age groups is now at an all time high. Why is that though? Well, one theory is that technology and the information we consume has evolved so quickly, that our poor squishy brains haven’t adapted to the amount of noise they create and it leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

The world is noisier today then it has ever been, and it is difficult to separate the crap from the information we really need to know. We find it hard to focus, we become subjected to the opinions of others whether we agree or not. We are being bullied and trolled by anonymous users behind the safety of keyboards, we are fed meaningless drivel by click bait news and media outlets, everything is just very chaotic right now.

Enter the anxiety soothing crystals that are here to support and comfort us in our time of need. These powerful little tools can be used in a myriad of ways, to help calm and sedate your fight or flight brain. Use them by holding them tight in your palm during meditation, in potent charm bags, as home based energy fields or even just to carry around when anxiety gets a bit too much.

Tiger’s Eye

To help instil confidence and courage within


Tiger’s Eye is a powerful tool for filling you with confidence, courage and strength. It’s one of my favourite crystals to wear in my crystal cage necklace, to give me a supportive confident energy and help me find the strength to tackle any thoughts or feelings of anxiety.

A lot of anxiety comes from a feeling of insecurity or fear. Social anxiety for example, often comes from the fear that we aren’t worthy to be in a group of people, or like we have nothing to contribute to a social gathering. With Tiger’s Eye, you’ll feel a little more worthy, a little more sure of yourself and confident in your value, helping to dissolve any feelings of anxiety.


To build self-esteem and boost intuition


Sodalite is a great crystal for not only speaking your truth and living authentically, but it is also amazing for boosting and trusting your intuition. There is little room to doubt yourself, your capabilities or your worth, when you’ve got a lovely bit of Sodalite on your side.

Sodalite creates a feeling of harmony, which makes it very easy to feel at peace with yourself. When you feel truly comfortable in your own skin, anxiety has very little room to wiggle around and make you feel insecure.

Snowflake Obsidian

Helping you see positivity in the dark times


Snowflake Obsidian is a great crystal if your anxiety also comes hand in hand with a nice dollop of depression (I know mine does). This crystal combines the grounding energy of Obsidian with hints of optimism and positivity. A shining light in the darkness, helping to guide you towards a better time.

If you’ve been struggling particularly badly recently, then Snowflake Obsidian may be a great stone to carry around with you in a charm pouch or inside a crystal cage necklace. Keep it with you and use it as a tool of support until the darkness starts to lift.


Protecting you from being blinded by anxiety and fear


Labradorite is a strong stone of protection. Its properties mirror its beautiful physicality’s, with its dull grey/green colour transforming into a rainbow of iridescent colours as you twist and turn it towards the light. Labradorite helps you see the truth in everything, it helps you to tap into your intuition and do what is right by your gut.

This stone protects you from the negative vibrations of anxiety and supports you with healing, positive and transformative energy, to turn any bad thought or feeling on its head.


Healing, peaceful energy to help you tackle and overcome anxiety


Amethyst is one of the best crystals for psychic protection and taking care of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With its stabilising and balancing properties, Amethyst is great at banishing irrational thoughts caused by anxiety. It can help you sort through chaotic emotions, to find a calmness that helps banish anxiety.

Amethyst is also great for cleansing negativity, so any anxiety that is threatening your high vibes will be tackled by tapping into the energy of Amethyst.