Candles are a big part of rituals, spellwork or even just meditation, but did you know the colour of the candle you choose can influence your intention?

Different colours have different vibrations and so we can use those vibrations to influence the energy we are focusing and channeling. For example, darker colours have a lower vibration and so are better for things like banishing negative energy or creating a safe, protected energy. Cooler colours are refreshing and healing, with the warmer colours giving us a more energised energy.

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Candle colours and rituals

When creating a ritual or prepping for spellwork, you can add an extra level of intention by carefully choosing your candles. To help you do this. I’ve pulled together a list of the different candle colours you might want to consider and what properties they best represent.

Blue – Healing, health, forgiveness, communication and calm

Black – Banishing negativity, safety, protection and binding

Green – Money, luck, fertility and healing

White – Purity, peace, truth and hope

Yellow – Joy, manifestation, creativity and intelligence

Orange – Success, stimulation, attraction and legal matters

Red – Passion, sex, action, courage and strength

Pink – Romance, love, harmony, affection and friendship

Brown – Grounding, earth, stability and family

Purple – Spiritual power, wisdom, tranquillity and psychic power

Candle Magic

Candle magic is one of the best forms of magic for beginners. Using specific candles for meditation, manifestation and worship. Those who worship the pagan god and goddess will also have gold and silver candles on their altars to represent these deities and offer an extra boost to their practice.

To perform the simplest form of candle magic, all you need is a candle that is the colour of whatever it is you are trying to attract, banish or manifest in your life. Using this tool and focused meditation, you’ll have taken your first step into the world of candle magic.

Candles & Tarot = The Perfect Team

When it comes to creating a ritual or time for some deeply nourishing self-care, combining candles and Tarot cards is my go-to.

I like to set intentions both with the colours of the candles I use and the Tarot or even Oracle cards I choose, to back up those intentions.

Even when I’m doing a daily tarot card pull or reading I like to light a small white candle to help centre me, cleanse the energy and welcome in more positivity while I do my reading.