One of the main ways I use my crystal collection, is to balance and unblock the seven chakras. Most crystals have properties that closely associate them with one of the seven chakras and by placing them in the right areas, they can help to improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

Each of the seven chakras control a certain type of energy within the body and by keeping them all healthy and flowing in the right direction, we can better balance our body and mind. We start at the very crown of the head and follow a straight line down the body to the tip of the tailbone. When using chakra crystals, we place the corresponding crystals on these chakra areas of the body, to help influence and manipulate the chakras energy flow.

Personally, I like to use chakra crystals during meditation and it’s a lot easier to do when you’re lying down. You can choose to focus on all seven chakras, placing seven corresponding crystals on each of the chakra areas, or focus on a specific chakra that is causing you a bit of trouble.

Below, I’ll take you through each chakra and give you a bit of info on what each chakra controls, and which crystals you can use to do a spot of healing for that chakra. Keep in mind that the crystals I’ve highlighted below are the just a sample of the crystals associated with these chakras. There are hundreds of crystals out there so do a bit of research to discover even more you could use!

Crown Chakra Crystals




The crown chakra sits right on top of your head, at the crown. This chakra helps connect us with a higher conscious. Think about having an epiphany or ideas popping into your mind out of nowhere.

Here are a few signs to look out for, when determining whether you have a balanced or unbalanced crown chakra:

Balanced: Clarity, inner wisdom, acceptance, spiritual connectedness, focus, determination, creative energy, mindfulness and lucid dreams.

Unbalanced: Nightmares, confusion, headaches, frustration, isolation, insomnia and self-destructive behaviour.

Crown Chakra Meditation: Place one of the following crystals on the top of your head where your crown chakra sits and meditate for 10-20 minutes. Imagine a ball of purple light right where the crystal is. If you are trying to balance your crown chakra, imagine the ball of light growing brighter and brighter, with its warmth filling that part of your body. If you’re trying to boost your crown chakra, imagine this ball growing even brighter and even pulsing the energy down through the rest of the body. Use the weight of the crystal to help you focus on that specific area of the head.


Third Eye Chakra Crystals




The third eye chakra is the centre for our intuition and being able to connect with others energetically. It sits in the centre of the forehead and is also the main source of our creative inspiration.

Here are a few signs that you have a balanced or unbalanced third eye chakra:

Balanced: Vision, trust, imagination, intuition, clarity and inner wisdom.

Unbalanced: Lack of creativity, daydreaming, migraines, poor vision and unable to see the bigger picture.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation: The easiest way is to lie flat on the floor or on a bed, place a third eye crystal on the centre of your forehead, right between the eyebrows. Take deep breaths, imagine breathing into the crystal. Imagine a ball of indigo light growing brighter and warmer, or if you’re trying to boost your third eye chakra, imagine this ball starting to pulse or even spin. Feel the warm energy moving away from this chakra and filling your body.


Throat Chakra Crystals




Whenever I do video tarot readings, I always try and keep a few throat chakra crystals nearby, because the throat chakra helps with communication, storytelling and connection with others. It helps us verbalise our inner thoughts and feelings. The throat chakra is located in the centre of the neck, on the throat (surprise!).

Here’s how to know if you have a healthy, balanced throat chakra, or if it is unbalanced and needs some love:

Balanced: Can speak the truth easily, good listening skills, find it easy to communicate with others, speaking without fear and feeling more decisive.

Unbalanced: Can’t express yourself clearly, unable to listen effectively, sore throat, thyroid imbalance and indecisiveness.

Throat Chakra Meditation: Lie down and place one of the throat chakra crystals on your throat. Breathe in through the nose, then constrict the back of the throat and push the air out the mouth. You should make a sound like a dragon or a deep growl. You should also be able to feel a slight vibration in the vocal chords. Repeat for 10-20 minutes focusing on the throat chakra, see a ball of blue light in this area and with every exhale, it gets brighter and starts pulsing or spinning.


Heart Chakra Crystals




The heart chakra is one that many of us struggle with, as this is the centre or love, not just romantic, but also platonic and self-love. It is the base for all feeling and emotion, so it can take a battering with the challenges of life.

If you want to know whether you have a balanced or unbalanced heart chakra, take a look at the characteristics of both below:

Balanced: Healthy blood pressure and circulation, self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassionate, empathetic, inner peace and inner happiness.

Unbalanced: Circulatory issues, lack of self-love, negative self-image, jealousy, hate, manipulative, judgemental and depression.

Heart Chakra Meditation: Place a heart chakra crystal over your heart on your upper chest. Imagine a ball of soft green light, breathe deeply and imagine that ball of light growing bigger and brighter. Imagine the light building until it moves out of your body and starts to cover your limbs and soon lies over your whole body. Visualise the warmth this light brings and how comforting it is, you may start to smile or just feel a lot more relaxed.


Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals




Our solar plexus chakra sits on the upper abdominals a few inches above the belly button. This chakra is in charge of our sense of self and our identity. It is where we keep our free will and our sense of responsibility. Ever had some bad news or done something you’ve regretted? You’ve probably felt this in your solar plexus, as it can feel like a heavy or sinking feeling.

A few properties associated with a balanced and unbalanced solar plexus chakra are:

Balanced: Empowerment, confidence, self-love, motivation, excellent digestion, easy decision making, easily follow your gut and have a healthy immune system.

Unbalanced: Low confidence, a lack of purpose, anxiety, anger, sadness, fatigue, poor digestion, unmotivated, insecurity and poor metabolism.

Solar Plexus Meditation: Lie flat on your back and breathe into the belly, place the solar plexus crystal on the solar plexus chakra and watch as it rises and falls with the breath. Close your eyes and keep your focus on the weight to the crystal as you breathe. Imagine your stomach filling with air and creating space for the small ball of yellow light to expand. It gets brighter and warmer with every breath until it fills your stomach, making you feel warm and satisfied.


Sacral Chakra Crystals




The sacral chakra is a deeper feeling of creativity, emotion and sexuality. Where our upper chakras handle the ideas and thoughts, this chakra deals with how we feel about what we’re doing and is the root of our passion and drive. The sacral chakra is located a few centimetres below the belly button in the lower abdominals.

A few signs to look out for as to whether you have a balanced or unbalanced sacral chakra are:

Balanced: Energetic, passionate, creative, fertile, sensual, open and honest, compassionate and gentle.

Unbalanced: Withdrawn, emotionally sensitive, controlling, tense, guilty, resentful, low libido and insecure.

Sacral Chakra Meditation: To balance or boost your sacral chakra, place a sacral chakra crystal on your lower abdominals and try and breathe into that space. Try and really push the breath out of the body by contracting the stomach and pulling the belly button towards the spine. Imagine a ball of orange light in your sacral chakra and feel as it gets warmer with each breath. Visualise this ball of light getting brighter and brighter until it has illuminated the lower abs completely.


Root Chakra Crystals




The root chakra can be the cause of a lot of mental instability or a lack of focus and grounding. It is located at the very base of the spine, at the tip of the tailbone and is the centre for our natural instincts and our survival mode. This is why it is closely linked with anxiety, as anxiety plays on our irrational thoughts and feelings and the root chakra helps ground them in facts and realism.

Some signs that you have a balanced or unbalanced root chakra are:

Balanced: Good physical fitness, grounded, stable, positive, energetic, rational thoughts and feeling safe and secure.

Unbalanced: Anxious, depressed, erratic, panicked, lazy, unmotivated, fearful, lack of willpower and weak immune system.

Root Chakra Meditation: Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor or a cushion, or upright on a chair. Either sit on the root chakra crystal or place it on your lap, close your eyes and focus on the feeling of the crystal. Breathe into the root chakra and visualise a ball of red light in that area. Focus on this ball of light as it gets warmer and brighter with each breath, it may even expand and contract as your breath in and out. Keep going until you feel heavy and as if you’re sinking into the ground.


Knowing which chakra crystals to use

A good rule of thumb is to go by the colour of the crystals when it comes to deciding what chakra to use them with. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it is accurate most of the time.

  • Crown Chakra – Clear or purple crystals

  • Third Eye Chakra – Purple, transparent or white crystals

  • Throat Chakra – Blue or blue/green crystals

  • Heart Chakra – Green or pink crystals

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow or orange crystals

  • Sacral Chakra – Orange or bronze crystals

  • Root Chakra – Red or black crystals