Building any kind of business is a land of trial and error, excitement and crippling disappointment, the highs and lows can be energetically draining but it’s all worth it. The prize at the end of the rope is an intense freedom and flexibility that only self-employed life can offer. But how can we weather this rollercoaster of emotions as we try and reach our goals? How can we stay sane?

The answer? Intuition.

Developing and building your intuition as a business owner can make or break your success. Being able to rely on your gut feeling and emotional decision making means that dealing with obstacles and challenges becomes second nature. Once you’ve got that all-important intuition in your corner, you are ready and able to take on anything that stands between you and what you desire.

How does intuition play a part in business?

Do you ever have that deep gut feeling that something is going to happen and then it does? Like being able to predict when someone is going to call you, or knowing what someone is going to say next before they say it? That’s your intuition. It can also play a big part in decision making, and choosing what the best course of action is for the situation we are currently in.

Apply all this to your business and you’ve got a pretty powerful skill on your side.

When it comes to your business, your intuition can help you make tough decisions, such as where to invest in growth, the best platforms for promotion or understanding the right people to target your services to. It can also help you choose new projects, feel more confident in your chosen career and even help you better serve your customers or clients.

There are multiple ways that strengthening your intuition can make you a better business owner but most importantly of all, the better the business owner, the more successful the business.

Testing the strength of your intuition

In order to strengthen your intuition, you need to understand how strong it is already. The way to do this is to be mindful of the decisions you make throughout the day. Pay attention to where your decisions come from, do you go for the logical choice or do you feel your way to your answer? These decisions can be tiny ones, like what to have for breakfast, what channel to watch on TV or whether you choose coffee or tea for your afternoon beverage.

If you struggle to do this, then your intuition needs a bit of TLC. If you can make gut decisions with ease, then you’re already on the right track to becoming an intuitive inspiration.



5 ways you can start to strengthen your intuition

Now that you’ve got a bit more awareness around your own intuitive skills, it’s time to start building on them. I’m going to give you two different options for each point, one for complete intuitive beginners and one for those of you that already have a strong foundation.

1) Daily card pulls

for beginners try oracle cards, for more advanced use tarot cards

Each day before you start work, choose a card and use your intuition to decide what that card wants you to know on that day. It could be that the card is showing you what you need to focus on, or it could be what you need to watch out for as the day unfolds.

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2) Meditate on your goals

for beginners, start with just 5-minutes a day, for more advanced aim for 10-20 minutes

It’s easiest to write down 1-3 key goals you currently have before you slip into relaxation. This helps to create a focus and context for your meditation. The aim is to get a better understanding of where your goals come from, why do you want to reach them? What’s driving you to achieve them?

3) Be mindful of your choices

for beginners, this should start with smaller choices like what you choose to eat, why you choose a certain time of day to do certain tasks etc. For more advanced apply this to your work and life choices, as well as your thoughts and ideas

We want to start to notice if we use our head or our gut to make decisions and question the root of our final choices. We want to know why we choose what we choose, this helps us to create a stronger connection with our subconscious, the home of intuition.

4) Start a dream journal

for beginners, start by writing a few bullet points of what you remember about your dream as soon as you wake up. For the advanced, write your dream out as a fleshed-out short story, if you can draw, try and draw the images you saw in your sleep

Your dreams come from your subconscious mind and they are released in your sleep because your conscious mind is finally out the way. Our conscious thoughts often suppress our subconscious thoughts, which is why they try to communicate through feelings and behaviours when we are awake. Making a note of what our dreams are telling us can help us start to decipher what is happening down in our subconscious, again helping us to form a stronger connection with it while we’re conscious.

5) Stop being scared of your hunches

for beginners, it’s about simply recognising those intuitive feelings when they arise, for advanced you can work on showing gratitude to your intuition for giving you the information

We’ve been conditioned by the media and in some cases, our culture, to believe that intuition or being able to feel something before it happens or something that is meant to happen, is some sort of supernatural phenomenon. It’s not and that’s coming from someone who actively practices witchcraft. How many times have you said ‘I knew that was going to happen’ and then immediately said ‘spooky’ or ‘I must be psychic’’? When you brush off your intuition in this way, you’re suppressing its true potency. You’re belittling it and putting yourself in the mindset that it must be a coincidence, instead of a deep subconscious understanding. Recognise when these intuitive events happen, make a note of them and then give thanks to your intuition for delivering this information to you. Show your intuition that you value it as a partner in this life.

Intuition is an invaluable skill

I promise you that if you start to actively strengthen your intuition, you’ll start to notice some seriously amazing things happening in your business and your life. Keep track of the changes in how you feel day to day and make sure to set goals to keep track of how your intuition is helping you along your journey.

Enjoy becoming an intuitive megastar my dears! x

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