There’s a rising in women aligning with the way of the Witch, just look up #witchtok on TikTok to see what I mean. Although I think a large portion of this comes from the resurgence of esoteric ideas and spirituality, I think a big part of it lies within the world of feminism.

At the core of the biggest witch trials there lies one common thread and that’s the fear of what women are capable of. It was yet another way to dull a woman’s light so that she stayed subservient and under control of the patriarchy. Now, women are rediscovering their power, the modern witch is a woman that is re-discovering the magical skills they were born with but that we’ve been taught to repress.

Women have always had a deep connection to the universe. As givers of life, we are naturally more intune with the natural world. From the cycles of nature to the cycle of the moon, women also run through their own cycles. We move through maiden, mother and crone just like nature. We are basically a physical manifestation of the wonders of the natural world!

So how do you start your modern witch journey and what does it even mean to be a modern witch?

What do I mean by a ‘modern witch’?

When I say modern witch, I mean those that have chosen a less traditional path in the world of witchcraft. There are aspects of witchcraft that may not gel with those of a younger generation, not that we should ignore them, but there are new ways that we can start to practice our craft that has been developed over the last few decades that might connect better with younger witches.

Remember that witchcraft is not a religion. You do not have to worship deities, practice aligned with the pagan god and goddess, abide by the wheel of the year or anything remotely pagan/ wiccan. Witchcraft is a practice and a lot of modern witches have entered into it from a need to take better care of their wellbeing. It doesn’t make you any less of a witch to ignore the religious aspects of witchcraft.

The core of modern witchcraft

Something that is at the core of modern witchcraft and that does tie into the religious elements, is the respect for nature and the universe. If you’re going to work with energies, vibrations, manifestations or any type of craft, then you need to respect the natural world. We tend to work a lot with herbs, the stars, the planets, the seasons and even the four elements. All these things are a gift and it’s important that we remember this as we start down our path.

Once you’ve established that connection with the natural world, you’re good to go. Experiment with different types of witchcraft, from green witchcraft to tech witchcraft (using modern technology in your spellwork and rituals). Your practice is personal to you, so don’t let anybody tell you what’s wrong or right, if you benefit from it, if it makes you feel good and helps you to connect to yourself, then go with it.

6 tips to help you become the modern witch you desire to be

  1. Subscribe to a witch subscription box – This was one of the best things I ever did to expand my knowledge and practice. I get Witch Casket here in the UK and I know they ship worldwide. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, then I highly recommend the Antipodean Witch box, that’s the one I started with when I lived in New Zealand.

  2. Get on Pinterest and start pinning – There is a huge amount of information for modern witches on Pinterest, in fact when I first started my Book of Shadows, that was my main source of information.

  3. Start a Book of Shadows/ Grimoire – A Book of Shadows is an essential tool for learning as it gives you the space to explore new topics in detail and record your findings. A Book of Shadows is usually a journal where you keep information and research and a Grimoire is often used as a place to record spells and rituals, but if you want to call your Book of Shadows a Grimoire, you do you hun.

  4. Get yourself a spiritual oracle deck – A spiritual oracle deck such as the Starseed Oracle or the Moonology oracle can really help you when it comes to doing some serious spiritual work. It can be hard to know where to start on self-discovery but choosing an oracle card to give you an intention for your journalling sessions is a great way to give yourself a framework.

  5. Start with candle magick – In my personal opinion, simple candle magick is the best place to start with spellwork. All you usually need is a candle and maybe a piece of paper. Once you grasp the basics of spellwork, that’s when you can start adding more to your spells, things like herbs, crystals and more. If you get one of the witch subscription boxes, they have small spells that can really help you get to grips with spellwork and rituals.

I know how overwhelming it can be to get started, but it helps to try and pin down a specific interest first and research into that first. For me, I worked a lot with crystals to help with my anxiety, then I moved onto tarot as a way to better manage my mental health. I would dedicate my time to reading blogs, experimenting and seeking out teachers and courses to help me further my knowledge.

There are still things I have no clue about, currently I’m learning more about astrology. Becoming a modern witch is as much about personal development as it is about spiritual growth. Always be open to learning, listen to how others choose to practice and start to build a practice that works for you and your individual needs.

If you’re interested in tarot, I have a self-led tarot for beginners course that you can check out. It will give you a really solid groundwork for building your esoteric knowledge and it might even give open you up to new branches of esoterica that you may not have thought about before.