Why is Tarot Trending Again? 

Why is Tarot trending again? Over the last few years, we’ve seen a Tarot renaissance. More decks than ever are being produced and we can now find decks on the shelves of mainstream shops such as Urban Outfitters and Waterstones. 

The question is, why has it popped back up? Why now and how has it changed since the early 20th century?   

Discovering Tarot Self-Care 

One of the ways Tarot has made a modern name for itself is through the increased focus on self-care. As a society, we now make our mental and spiritual well-being a priority. Tarot readings can be important tools for this kind of work. 

Alongside things like journaling, Tarot has the ability to help us better understand our own thoughts and feelings. The cards allow us to dive into why we feel a certain way and can help us create a more balanced lifestyle. 

One of the main ways I use my knowledge of the Tarot is energy balance. I know how to identify when I need more of a certain energy in my life. 

For example, over the last few months, I’ve been very focused on education and work. There’s been a big emphasis on mental energy, but that means creative energy has taken a backseat. 

I started to notice that I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my day-to-day routines. I always had this feeling of needing some sort of excitement, something different to shake things up. 

This was because I was out of balance, neglecting heart-centred energy in favour of mental energy. I was burning out because I wasn’t giving any time to the things that help me feel connected with life in general.  

Realising the Link Between Tarot and Psychology

Tarot and psychology have been linked for over 100 years. The influence of Carl Jung and his archetypes on the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot deck provides many of the card meanings we still use today. 

Understanding and using psychology within a Tarot reading can open up even more doors for introspection. It gives us a way to be our own sounding board.

Especially in the UK, access to things like counselling and therapists can be tricky. Although Tarot should never be used in place of professional help, it can bridge the gap. 

For me, I found my way to Tarot reading through a need to manage my mental health. I was travelling at the time so my access to medical services was limited. The Tarot was like a bandage that supported me and kept me in control until I could create a more stable routine. 

It’s not only our own psychology it can help us understand. Tarot can also help us better understand the behaviours of others. We can see how someone’s actions cause our own reactions. We can better understand how the world works and pivot our own goals and actions to create the best result.  

Tarot Influencers Boosting Tarot Card Popularity

The use of social media and things like podcasting has played a huge role in the boom of Tarot. With influencers, designers and authors gaining much more exposure than they would have just 30 years ago. 

Some of the top Tarot names currently are: 

Melinda Lee Holm 

Grace Duong 

Nyasha Williams 

Jessica Dore

Raven Lani

Biddy Tarot

Hay House books have also played their role. This publishing company are one of the biggest publishers of Tarot and spiritual books worldwide. 

There are now more ways than ever to get stuck into Tarot. Online courses and tutorials, books and more can help anyone with the passion to learn to find their own way of reading. 

Something that’s really nice about the online Tarot community is you get a better idea of the different ways of reading Tarot. 

Before, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking there was only one set way to read Tarot. With all these different readers offering tips and information, people now have a much better understanding of what they can use the cards for. 

An Emerging Need for Spirituality

If I had to condense down the answer to ‘Why is Tarot trending again?’ I would say this. Tarot is trending again because we need it now more than ever. 

We are overloaded with information about the world. The news reports on nothing but death and disaster and it’s no longer just news of your local area, now it’s global. We now get asked to pay attention to every single negativity happening 24/7. 

It’s fantastic that more and more people are looking for ways to help and support others. However, spending all your time fighting for others or even fighting other people’s battles, disconnects you from your own. This allows them to build strength and that’s where problems can arise. 

The beauty of Tarot reading is that it is deeply personal. Even sitting down to give yourself a quick reading is making time to press pause and just check in with how things are going. It allows you more energy and understanding to ensure you’re in tip-top condition and never pouring from an empty cup. 

Tarot is trending because the world needs a tool that reconnects and grounds in the present.