I love that feeling of getting a brand new oracle deck and leafing through all the cards to find my favourite illustrations and affirmations. Picking a new oracle deck can be a bit overwhelming though, there’s so many to choose from and all of them have different themes, different amount of cards, some have words, some are purely illustrations, the list is endless.

Choosing the best oracle deck for you doesn’t have to be complicated though and there are a couple of bullet points you can tick off to make sure you’re getting the right deck for your needs.

  1. What themes, topics or subjects connect with you on a subconscious level? Do you feel drawn towards flowers, animals, the moon, esoteric concepts and spiritual ideas? This will be your starting point and help you find an oracle deck that will really connect with the parts of you that you need to unearth.

  2. What do you want to use your oracle cards for? Is it for one card daily check-ins? Do you want the cards to help you with your spiritual development or do you want to use them solely for divination purposes?

  3. Are you looking for oracle cards that have been created by your favourite author, illustrator or spiritual influencer? You may have really resonated with someone’s ideas around spirituality or other aspects of esotericism, in which case their oracle cards could be a good shout for you.

To help you see how you can start to research the best oracle decks to buy, here are a few examples using my personal favourite oracle decks.

Choosing the right oracle deck for you

Below, I’ve picked out a few of the oracle decks we have over in the Self-Care Emporium shop and broken down the descriptions of the decks so you can see what kinds of things you might want to consider when buying your decks. Plus, it’s really helpful for when you are trying to buy online, as you can’t hold the deck in your hand and really explore its energy in person.


Moonology Oracle Deck by Yasmin Boland

Perfect for moon lovers, astrology nerds and people looking for divine guidance from lunar energy. Simple, easy to use and versatile so it can be used for large spreads, to set intentions for various moon phases or daily card pulls.

The Fox Tarot Self-Care Oracle Deck

Perfect for those that want to get serious about their self-care. This deck has quite a few cards, so it can be used for either full spreads or daily card pulls, as each card has a very clear self-care message and detailed illustration.



The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck

This is another self-care oracle deck, however, it offers more practical suggestions for self-care. It’s less about exploring your inner world and more about taking care of your mind and body as one entity. It’s designed more for one card daily pulls.

Work Your Light Oracle Deck

Created by much-loved light worker Rebecca Campbell, the Work Your Light oracle deck is ideal for small spreads and daily pulls. This deck is aimed at those that want to use oracle cards for spiritual growth and exploration. As is Rebecca’s other deck, the Starseed Oracle.


As you can see, the theme, number of oracle cards in a deck and illustrations all have a part to play when it comes to how you can use the deck. That’s why it’s always a good idea to think about what you want the deck to do for you before you head out there and spend your cash. Oracle cards are a tool, so we have to know why we need the tool first before we can decide which is the best for the job.

To check out all of these oracle decks in the shop, click the button below and have a browse! Plus, if you’re still not sure which oracle deck is best for you, then you are free to drop me an email or get in touch over on my social channels.

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