With a brand new year comes a brand new direction for The Self-Care Emporium (sort of…). When I first started this business, I worked closely with the amazing and ambitious women that I had already surrounded myself with. I’d been a big part of various groups and organisations, that strived to encourage and support entrepreneurial women, so these women became my first tarot customers and clients.

As I moved back across the globe and struggled to settle back into ‘normal life’, things ran away with me and it was easier to try and appeal to a more general audience than hustle within a niche. Now, I feel more strongly than ever that The Self-Care Emporium should be striving to support empowered and empowering women in business.

How will the Self-Care Emporium support women in business?

Many of the customers and clients that come to me are women who are trying to build or run their own businesses, usually by themselves and from the comfort of their own home. Although this is an amazing and impressive feet, these women are the most prone to feelings of self-doubt, burnout and loneliness when things get tough and confusing.

The Self-Care Emporium was always created to help people to find a better balance in their lives, by using metaphysical tools and beliefs to tap into a higher power. This inner work and trust in the universe can be a truly powerful tool for business owners. It can help you to form a new and more positive perspective on difficult situations, it can allow you to surrender to the universe and the powers that be.

I know from personal experience, that when you are a soloprenuer, the feeling of being in complete control can be a tough thing to let go of, but it is so often the answer to some of our biggest worries and anxieties.

With my Spiritual Coaching packages, tarot readings and spiritual tool online shop, I aim to help my clients to dig deep, listen to their inner voices, tackle difficult thoughts and feelings and trust in their own intuition.

By the end of our sessions, I want you to walk away feeling settled and comfortable with where you are at, passionate and excited about where you are going and at peace with where you have been and what you’ve been through.

What does a Spiritual Coach do?

A Spiritual Coach is basically a very niche type of life coach. I use metaphysical and spiritual tools and ideas to help you gain a new perspective and understand yourself a whole lot better.

I work primarily with the subconscious mind and use tarot cards to draw out all the thoughts and feelings that often hide within the unconscious. With everything laid out in front of you, it’s a lot easier to understand why you are feeling what you’re feeling and how you can start to overcome, grow and move forward.

In business, these things are incredibly important, as solo entrepreneurs can often get in their own way. Whether it is tackling limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome or self doubt, our internal thoughts and feelings can create roadblocks, that when we are living our busy lives, we can often overlook.

Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective and guidance, to help you see the truth in front of you. Some of the types of issues I help my clients with are:

  • Overcoming the belief that ‘someone can do it better

  • Figuring out a more focused and purposeful path

  • Reigniting a passion that has fizzled out

  • Creating a new direction for their business or for personal growth

  • Finding a balance between running a business as a soloprenuer and taking care of their wellbeing

  • Learning how to be kinder and more flexible with themselves

I offer three different services to help female entrepreneurs, ranging from one off seven card tarot readings (perfect when you need a little readjustment or a bit of clarification), the New Direction Spiritual Coaching package (helps new business owners or aspiring business owners to find a new path in life) and the Realignment Spiritual Coaching package (designed for current business owners that feel stuck, plateaued or disillusioned with where they are and have lost a sense of direction).

What are the benefits of having a Spiritual Coach as a solopreneur?

As solo entrepreneurs, we can often try and fix things ourselves, but this often just adds more bullet points to our task lists and creates even more pressure on ourselves. A Spiritual Coach is here to share the load, I work alongside you as a confident, a friend, a guide and a supporter of you and your business.

It’s always helpful to have someone to talk about your business with and bounce ideas off, all whilst tapping into our joint intuition, listening to the messages of the universe and understanding our inner selves a whole lot better.

I’m here to ensure you don’t push yourself to breaking point or spiral into a pattern of self-bullying and limiting thoughts. Investing in a Spiritual Coach can be the eureka moment you’ve been looking for, whether it is finding clarity on how to grow and develop your business, or learning how to be happier and more passionate about a project.