I’ve been posting a lot about the upcoming Welloween campaign and now it’s here! If you’ve not signed up yet, there is still time. You just have to be part of our Self Care Coven mailing list, which you can sign up for right here…

Now that’s out of the way and you’re all ready to go, let’s chat a bit more about what Welloween actually is!

What is Samhain?

Samhain, more commonly known as Halloween or All Hallows Eve, is the last Sabbat in the wheel of the year. The wheel of the year starts anew at Yule and so Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is kind of like a pagan’s new year. We use this time to say goodbye to the previous year and set our intentions for the year ahead. As this is also the time when the veil between the spirit world and the living is thinnest, many people ask for guidance from loved ones that have passed.

How will we be using Samhain in Welloween?

I wanted to take my normal Samhain ritual and make it accessible to everyone. I always notice a huge lift in my mood and energy levels after doing my Samhain ritual and I wanted to share that with others who may need it.

Throughout October, I’ll be emailing you to chat through some of the issues we’re going to be tackling. Your weekly email will give you a few tips and tricks for self-help and self-care, but also include a FREE workbook that you can use, in order to prepare for your releasing ritual on Samhain night.


What will the Samhain ritual be?

Nothing scary or too spooky I promise, we’re not going to be conjuring anything or any other typical Halloween activities (thanks for that image Hollywood!). All the inner work we will be doing in the run up to Halloween will help us to figure out something that is negatively impacting our lives. Our Samhain ritual will be focused on finally letting that go and setting positive intentions for the year ahead.

It will be beginner friendly, minimalist and easy to do in whatever place you feel most comfortable. I wont be getting you to be grab yourself anything more than a candle, maybe a crystal but that is optional and a pen and paper. We will be burning the paper though, so you may need to start planning how to not set your smoke alarms off.

What kinds of things are we working on throughout Welloween?

Our main aim is to identify something that is bringing us down, promoting a heavy or lethargic feeling in the body and mind or impacting our lives in a negative way. Everybody’s goal will be different, but here are a few things that might crop up:

  • Toxic relationships – with others or even yourself

  • Toxic behaviours

  • Self limiting beliefs – think imposter syndrome, lack of self-confidence

  • Past relationships – maybe an ex you can’t stop thinking about

If it makes you sad or brings you down, it’s time to let it go. We want to head into November and December feeling like a weight has been lifted and feeling ready to tackle another year.

If you’re taking part, I’d LOVE to hear from you and find out how you’re getting on. Plus, I’m always here to help you if you need a bit of guidance or there is something specific you’re having trouble working through.

Make sure you’re all signed up and use the hashtag #Welloween to connect with other members of the Self Care Coven!