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There are lots of ways you can use your trusty tarot deck to make better business decisions, or even figure out the finer details of your business as you start off on your entrepreneurial journey. Today, we’re going to be looking at how we can use our tarot cards to get really niche with our business’ soulful selling point!

Your unique selling point is the pinnacle of your business and it might take a while for you to really wrap your head around it. I’m in my second year of business and I’m still tweaking my USP and pivoting my marketing to match my new discoveries. When it comes to being a creative entrepreneur, our USP becomes our SSP, our soulful selling point. Being a creative entrepreneur means that our desires and drivers behind our business are almost always rooted in emotion and intuition and this needs to be reflected in our USP. This means our unique selling point becomes our soulful selling point, our offering to the world that speaks directly to the soul, not just the bank account.

What’s the difference between a USP and a soulful selling point?

When we talk about USPs, we’re looking at the thing that our business revolves around that sets us apart from competitors. We’re picking out a particular value or unique offering that only our business can provide. This is a very corporate way of looking at things and a lot of the time pushing your USP can give you the ick. It can feel too salesy or sterile, whereas focusing on your soulful selling point brings you down to a more humanised level.

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re not speaking to people from a place of need, nobody really needs a creative, artisan or decorative product. You should be talking to your audience from a place of emotion, speaking to the heart and connecting with them on the same level that art itself connects with us as humans. Nobody buying any form of art looks at it and thinks ‘I need this because it will help me do X, Y, Z’, they look at it and want to buy it because it connects with them on a deeper level. It makes them turn inwards and they want it in their life because of the way it makes them feel.

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

— Paul Cezanne

Figuring out your soulful selling point

What we want to do now, is think about what emotion, feeling or belief we offer our audience. What is the unique connection only we can form with our audience? Remember, we’re coming directly from the heart and soul, we’re not thinking about what will necessarily make people buy from us, we’re trying to work out what will make people connect with us and our business.

To help you do just that, I’ve put together a five-card tarot spread that helps you delve a little deeper into your own connection with your business, and allows you to unpack that and find connections with your audience.


Soulful Selling Point Spread.png


Let’s run through the spread together to find out how it all works:

Card 1) The Significator

Pick this card consciously. By that, I mean to go through your tarot deck and find a card that you feel represents your business offering the best. For example, if you’re someone that makes something with their hands that needs a lot of skill, then you may choose the Eight of Pentacles for this card. Or if you are a life coach, you may choose the Queen of Swords or The Empress to represent your services.

Card 2) The Why

From here, we’re going to be shuffling and choosing cards the normal way. Your second card will sit at the top of your main spread and it will represent your ‘why’, the reason that you yourself do the job you do. This might be common knowledge to you, you may know exactly why you started your business and why you want to offer the services you offer. If you don’t and this card has blindsided you a bit, don’t worry, you can unpack it in the final three cards.

Card 3) The personal connection

Card number three will back up card number two, in that it will give you a bit more information around the emotional connection you have with your business. It helps you delve deeper into your ‘why’ and unpack things a little more so you can get really niche. Your personal connection is very important because it’s the fire that motivates you and keeps you moving forward. If we lose that, it can be hard for us to know what action to take within our business.

Card 4) The customer’s connection

Card number four is all about what your customer’s connection is with your business. This should show you what your customers think and feel about what you offer. It’s important with this card to really analyse whether this matches up with the behaviour of your audience currently. If it doesn’t, you may need to make adjustments to your branding, marketing or services, to realign them with the connection you’re trying to create with your customers.

Card 5) Your soulful selling point

The final card is the outcome card of the spread, this card shows you what your soulful selling point is or should be. Link it with the other cards in the spread, try and see where it aligns and where it doesn’t. The areas where it doesn’t align is where you need to spend your time and energy, to help you get everything into place. All three of these bottom cards should flow and connect with each other, you should be able to see how your personal connection and that of your audience, connect to result in your soulful selling point.

Really spend some time on this, it may not be obvious at first and there may be a need to really dig into things and question what comes up. There’s a lot of subconscious work in this spread, so I’d highly recommend journalling while you give yourself this reading.