On the 20th of March, we welcome Ostara or the Spring Equinox if you don’t celebrate the pagan sabbats. I based Volume 2 of Witchness Magazine around this divine time of year and I thought I’d write a little blog around the same theme of growth, but focusing on business planning and taking your creative business to the next level!

Usually, around Spring, we start to feel this restlessness or need to create, refresh or simply make strides forward to bigger and better things. This is because the energy of Spring is one filled with renewal and rebirth. It is the time within nature when everything that has been lying dormant throughout winter, starts to wake up and breathe new life. It’s also a very fertile time and this fertile energy can make us eager to create something new.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.
— Sigmund Freud

This season is perfect for taking the next step in your business because you will feel more motivated to move out of your comfort zone and push boundaries to get what you desire. We can use the Spring Equinox as our planning stage, really thinking about what our next goals should be and what we want to achieve long term. So, with that in mind, how can we do a bit of business planning that embraces this fertile energy of Spring?

What kind of business planning should you be focusing on?

You may have already done all the groundwork and the initial business plan for your creative business, so we’re not focusing on the core details like your audience, values etc. All that work should already be in the bag at this stage. For our Spring Equinox business planning, we are looking at how we can take that next step with our business.

This next step may look different for everyone. Here are a few examples of what the ‘next level’ may look like for you, to get you thinking:

  • A new, bigger income goal

  • A new product or service that will produce more passive income

  • A new social media series that will help build your followers

  • A new email series that will help you to build your mailing list

  • Plans to increase your visibility within your industry through booking speaking gigs

We’re thinking about how to increase something in our business. For most of us, that may be our income goal, but if you’re pretty content with the income you are currently bringing in, you may want to increase your authority or become more well known for your ideas, products or services.

How can you start to think about the next level in your business and how to get there?

When it comes to deciding what that next level looks like for you, we need to first understand what we want to achieve. What do you think your business could benefit more from? As a business owner, what will help you run your business more efficiently, more successfully or with bigger ambitions?

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.
— Andy Rooney

A great starting point for this is to think about your biggest long term goal. What is it you ultimately want to achieve with your business, in 5 or 10 years time? What do you want your business to provide for you throughout your life?

Your next level will be that one step closer towards that goal, so what could that next step look like with all of that in mind? If you have a big, long term income goal of earning £10,000 a month and you’re currently earning around £2,000 a month, then think about how you could increase your current monthly income by £1,000. What services, products or new passive income streams could you put into place? This small step may seem like nothing when you compare it to that bigger goal, but when you really think about it, that new income goal gets you £1,000 a month closer to that goal.

Planning these baby steps soon add up and before long, you’re a hair’s distance from reaching that big goal that seemed so far away at the very beginning of your journey.

Spring business planning worksheet

Now we know what we’re trying to achieve with our Spring Equinox business planning, it’s time to start working on that plan. I wanted to try and guide you as much as possible and help you figure out what your ‘next level’ looks like.

I’ve put together a quick worksheet you can download and print off, that should help you figure out what your next goal should be and get you started with your business planning.


Click the image or the button below, to grab the FREE PDF document. Print it off and work through it alongside a notebook and use these as jumping-off points to really start planning the nitty-gritty details.