When it comes to limiting beliefs, it is most often rooted in deeply rooted traumas and experiences. Somewhere along the way, we’ve logged an experience and how it made us feel at the time, as a cold hard fact.

It might be that an early rejection as a child has created a belief that you’re unlovable. It might even be abuse from a parent that has resulted in low self-esteem or even more intense issues.

This is where tarot cards come in handy because they help to uncover the things we’ve been burying deep down or the things we’ve been struggling to understand about ourselves.

I can sit in front of you and tell you what you need to do or how you need to think until I’m blue in the face, but if you don’t come to the same realisations yourself, it will never stick.

Helping you to help yourself

Life would be so much more pleasant if we had someone telling us which way to turn at every hurdle wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Throughout our lives, we have been affected in some way by everything we have seen, heard or felt. Something as simple as being called ‘ugly‘ by a boy in your class at age 6 can have an impact on you as an adult.

Tarot is here to help you understand these beliefs you have about yourself and guide you on this journey to dig deeper into your subconscious

Your brain is a HUGE archive of all the moments in your life and it goes searching for the memories and beliefs that relate to the situation you are currently in. This helps it to know how to react and what to tell your body to do.

Think of the Pixar film Inside Out (2015) because it does an amazing job of visually representing this complex process of retrieving memories and how we process them.

Limiting beliefs

A common subject in therapy is learned & limiting beliefs. These can be beliefs about yourself, others or situations.

Most anxiety disorders stem from this concept. For example, if you feel anxious in social situations, you will have a learned belief, either about yourself and socialising, or about being in a room full of people.

These beliefs could be something like:

  • I don’t want to join in the conversation because nobody will want to hear my opinion

  • People don’t want to hang around with me

  • Everyone is so much more successful and better than I am!

None of these thoughts are based on actual fact, they are based on your beliefs that your brain has created through different experiences in your life.

Even events that have no relationship with a situation can have an impact. For example, if a teacher told you you were not good enough when you were a teenager, your brain can turn that into ‘I’m not good enough‘ and apply it to EVERYTHING in your life well into adulthood.

Dealing with the root issue in order to make lasting change

I teach people how to use Tarot or Oracle cards to help them find their own solutions. It puts the power back in their own hands and it is the ideal way to fight against limiting beliefs.

One thing I’ve found Tarot cards to be especially good at is identifying root causes. The cards reflect the subconscious back to us and that is where these beliefs like to hide.

To get you started on this journey towards understanding and overcoming limiting beliefs, why not download my free workbook to help you get started with Tarot and limiting belief busting?