How often have you found yourself at war with your inner voice? Often the conflict we have with that inner running dialogue can do more harm than good, but what could happen if we chose to connect with it and take time to understand and empathise with it?

Welcome to The Self-Care Tarot podcast with me Cat Crawford. A podcast that uses Tarot to delve a little deeper into self-exploration, enhance your journaling and aid with spiritual development.

This week’s episode is all about making friends with that inner voice and using the energy of the Two of Swords to better connect with our inner world. We are so often at odds with that inner voice, but amazing and magical things can happen if we only took the time to listen and understand.

Journal prompts:

  • Spend some time writing down all the things your inner voice says to you about a specific desire, goal or dream. You can do this before or after a meditation session, or even do this throughout the day. 

  • Next, take those things your inner voice has said to you and start to think about why it might be saying those things. What risks is it trying to keep you from, what intentions could it have for presenting you with these thoughts? Really spend some time sitting with each thing and thinking as deeply as possible around the reasoning behind each one. 

  • After you’ve done that work, what could you say to soothe those worries or concerns? Or what facts could you present to your inner voice to debunk false beliefs? Open a two-way dialogue with your inner voice and treat it like a conversation you would have with a third party. 

  • What compromises could you come up with and how would they benefit you moving forwards? What has become of that open dialogue you have with your inner voice? How do you feel about it?

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