If you’re going to be joining me for the Tarot For Beginners course starting the 1st of September, knowing the associations between the star signs and the tarot will help you level up just that little bit more, as you go through the course.

Associating the zodiac personalities and traits to the major arcana cards can help us better understand the energy each card holds. Tarot reading is all about understanding the different energies that ebb and flow throughout our lives and adding in the zodiac helps us to narrow down the differences between them even further.

Below, you’ll find a full list of all the zodiac associations within the tarot, specifically the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck.





The Emperor

The Emperor is filled with a fire and passion that is shared with those under the star sign of Aries. An Aries person is said to be brave, assertive and confident, the perfect description of the energy of The Emperor. In the imagery of the card, we can see the presence of Aries in the rams heads that adorn The Emperor’s stone throne.





The Hierophant

Taurus and The Hierophant are very well paired, with the stable and traditional energy of The Hierophant, perfectly complimenting Taurus’ sturdy and reliable nature. Those born under Taurus are said to be strongwilled and a bit of a homebody. They love to be around family and friends and feel most comfortable when in the safety of their own homes. This is reflected in The Hierophant’s commitment properties and this card can even represent marriage.





The Lovers

The Lovers are associated with Gemini, a star sign that refers to those who always have a surprise up their sleeve. Geminis are known for getting along with everyone and being filled with a huge amount of love, perfect traits to pair with The Lovers. The Lovers can also represent a battle between our vices and our virtues, which can be seen in Gemini’s struggle to control their emotions.





The Chariot

Those born under the star sign of Cancer are known for their tenacity, ambition and occasional restlessness. These are all properties that can be heavily associated with The Chariot, as it is a card of ambition and forward movement, especially towards goals and dreams. If you look very carefully, you can also see the symbol of Cancer on the charioteers belt.






The lion is a well-known symbol of strength and being able to tame our more wild emotions and instincts. This applied to both the Strength tarot card and the star sign of Leo. Leo’s are creative, energetic and loyal, all traits that are hinted at when we talk about strength in this card. Both the Strength card and Leos have an inner strength that helps them cope with anything and makes them into a strong but empathetic leader.





The Hermit

The Hermit is a card of isolation and inner wisdom. There is a deep need to just remove yourself from reality for a while, in order to get your head on straight, something that Virgo’s may need to do, as they tend to keep their emotions tightly locked away. Like The Hermit, Virgos are very private people, but they are also always thinking, which means sometimes they have to go away and collect their thoughts in order to carry on effectively.






The reference to Libra is pretty obvious in the Justice tarot card, the main figure clearly holds the scales in her hand, showing her power to make critical decisions and choices. Libras are known as very diplomatic people and actively look for balance and fairness. Justice does the same, it is a card of weighing up pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and coming to a fair and honest conclusion.






I’m a Scorpio and when I found out the tarot card for Scorpio was Death, things made a little more sense. The Death card is about the end of chapters and dealing with change, there is a mystery to it. Scorpios are said to be very mysterious, stubborn and can move forward easily when they puy their emotions to one side. When faced with the end of a cycle, it’s important that we can accept what has to be and move on, something Scorpios do better than any other star sign.






There is a truth and honesty to Temperance that perfectly sums up a Sagittarius. Sagittarius star signs are not only adventurous, but they are also dependable, don’t hold grudges and have no time for people that are too emotional or extra. Temperance is very much a Sagittarius card, with one foot in the water, in touch with emotion and creativity, and one on land, grounded and sure of themself.





The Devil

Although Capricorns have a great deal of strength and resilience, they are also prone to being swallowed up by their own egos. The Devil symbolises the need for willpower and to fight against our vices, something that Capricorns have to work extra hard at. They can sometimes come across as cold or blunt, but inside they are trying to keep their emotion under wraps.





The Star

The Star is about hopes, big dreams and believing in infinite possibilities, something that Aquarius star signs are famous for. We can even see the symbol of Aquarius reflected in the two water jugs being poured on the ground and into the pool. Aquarius is a sign that can’t be held down and they are always dreaming big and thinking outside of the box. They have no desire to conform and that is exactly what The Star encourages us to do, test the boundaries and reach for the stars.





The Moon

The dreamy and intuitive properties of Pisces are the main traits we see in The Moon tarot card. This card is all about trusting and tapping into your intuition and subconscious. We are asked to face our darker side and come to terms with it, something that Pisces are very good at doing. Pisces can be overly emotional and moody at times, something that we see in the different phases of the moon. One minute they can be fool and bright, the next they can be dark and dismissive.

There are also appearances from the astrological signs in other Tarot cards. For example, in the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, we see the four fixed astrological signs; Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

The same signs can also be seen in the very final card of The World. Keep your eyes peeled for other appearances as you explore your own Tarot deck.