Repeating Cards In Your Readings, What Does It Mean?

repeating cards in your readings

If you read Tarot regularly for yourself, you may have noticed repeating cards popping up. Repeating cards in your readings is very common, but they can be hard to decipher for yourself. 

I always imagine that repeating Tarot cards are shouting at me. Like when you write something in all caps to make a point. But, it really depends on the context of the reading. 

Below, I’ve pulled together some common FAQs to help you decipher what repeating Tarot cards means for you.  

What do repeating Tarot cards signify? 

If you’re thinking ‘Why do I keep getting the same Tarot cards?’ then there may be something that you are avoiding or that is still to be processed. 

When we think of Tarot as energy, it becomes easier to understand why certain cards are hanging around. A card holds a certain kind of energy and if it keeps showing up time and time again, it means that the energy is still there. 

If you interpret the card as something negative, then it could mean you’re yet to process or overcome this energy. 

If you interpret the Tarot card as something positive, it may need a bit longer to come to fruition or it may need to hang around for a bit longer for your benefit. 

When you get repeating cards in your readings, make a note of them. Make sure to really dive into them through journaling, to better understand what messages are trying to be delivered. 

What does it mean if I get repeating numbers in a Tarot reading? 

Numerology is one of the key theories we use to interpret the Tarot cards. Messages trying to be delivered through numerology will often appear as repeating numbers. Think about angel numbers like 1111 and what that signifies. 

In the Tarot it means something very similar. All twos for example may be interpreted as big decisions needing to be made or even a better balance to be struck. 


Getting a Two of Wands, a Two of Swords and Two of Pentacles could suggest a need to better balance mind, body and mental well-being.  

Treat your repeating numbers in a Tarot reading in the same way as angel numbers. It can help you to interpret them more clearly. 

Another example would be if you got all Aces in your reading all at the same time. Aces equal one in the Minor Arcana, meaning that they represent 1111. You can apply the angel number’s properties to your reading and see what you discover. 



What does it mean if I get repeated Major Arcana cards in each reading? 

The Major Arcana cards represent the major archetypes we encounter on our journey through life. If a specific archetype keeps appearing for you, it is a powerful presence in your life right now. 

The archetypes usually show up when something needs to shift. It might be something within ourselves or something within our material world. We’re never the same after encountering an archetype. 

I like to visualise the archetype on the card standing in my way. It will block me from moving past, which gives me the opportunity to ask why. I can spend some time with just that card and journal with it, finding the answers as to why this archetype is refusing to move. 

What does it mean if I get repeating Minor Arcana suits in my readings?   

There are a few different ways that the Minor Arcana can repeatedly show up. It may be in the form of suits, numbers or a single specific card. 

The most common is the suit. Getting the same suit time and time again in your readings shows you where your energy is sitting. 

  • If you have an abundance of cups, your energy is sitting in your heart space 

  • If you keep getting swords, then your energy is in your head space 

  • If you are getting more wands, then your energy is in your sacral and solar plexus space 

  • Finally, if you continuously get pentacles, then your energy is firmly in your root chakra space

You may get the same Minor Arcana card time and time again. This means that there is some sort of challenge or lingering energy that needs to be dealt with. 

Think about all the reasons why something may hover over us. It may be waiting, it might not be able to pass us by for some reason or it may be watching over us to keep us safe. 

Whenever you get a repeating Minor Arcana card ask yourself ‘Why might this be hanging around right now?’.

Think of repeating cards as house guests. If this card was a person who knocked on your door, what might they want? 

Are they welcome or unwelcome? Why is that? Start to dig into your relationship with that card’s energy in order to find the answers. 

The very best way to understand repeating cards in your readings is…

Tarot journaling. Keep a written record of all the readings you do and make sure to check back in with old readings to see if anything is reoccurring. 

You will never remember everything you experience in your readings. Memory is fickle, but the written word is concrete. It can more accurately portray information as it was at that exact moment. It also means you can look back on readings and find new meanings behind them. 

To help with this, make sure to take a look at my digital Tarot journal. My Tarot journal has been designed with weekly readings in mind and incorporates monthly check-ins too. It’s the perfect way to start and create a continuous Tarot reading practice.