What the Queen of Pentacles Can Teach Us About Organic Growth

The Queen of Pentacles has such a deep nurturing meaning that many overlook. She’s on par with The Empress in my eyes, just a much more practical version. She’s like your biggest cheerleader. She’s the loving mother that tells you that you can do whatever your heart desires. She wants what’s best for you.

Something we can take away from the Queen of Pentacle’s energy is a lesson in organic growth. This is something I spoke about at length in episode 38 of The Self-Care Tarot Podcast which you can listen to here:

In summary, the Queen of Pentacles helps to ground us in reality. She cultivates the ground from which we can grow in a way that is natural and aligned with our soul’s purpose. That sounds a bit airy, but it means that there is no rush to become who you are eventually meant to be.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

When we embrace the energy of the Queen of Pentacles we make a commitment to ourselves. We promise that we won’t force change, nor will we reject it. We commit to going through whatever comes up. Grow through what you go through vibes.

Grow through what you go through
— Queen of Pentacles

Organic growth is all about the growth you don’t actively chase. It is what the universe guides you through and a lot of the time we don’t even realise it’s happening.

That’s why taking on the energy of the Queen of Pentacles is so important. She helps to give us the space to stop, reflect and understand what we’ve been through and how it has changed us.

Cultivating the Environment for growth

If you’ve ever done a bit of gardening you’ll know that if you try and plant something in an inhospitable environment it won’t grow. The same applies to ourselves. We can’t grow and develop if we are not consciously creating an environment where we can do so.

With the Queen of Pentacles, we are bringing together the deep emotional energy of elemental water and the grounding and supportive nature of elemental earth.

Together we get this safe space to really open up and be vulnerable. We are safe and secure allowing us to be able to be 100% honest with ourselves. The perfect environment for review and reflection, two key elements in growth.

How to do this Queen of Pentacles work

The most essential part of Queen of Pentacle’s work is creating time and space for you to sit and reflect. Once here, you can give yourself a Tarot reading, do some self-reflecting meditation, and maybe even write some poetry or paint. Whatever helps you really tap into what you’ve been going through.

*Why not do this work in my digital Energetic Tarot Journal? There’s plenty of space each week for you to really get stuck in and start to connect with your own organic growth.

An example of this would be if you’ve just gone through a period of grief. Making this time for yourself to reflect and process can help you better understand your loss, what you’ve learned through it and even help you express emotions that were hard to accept at the time.

Remember that organic growth is allowing the changes that happen naturally to occur. We don’t fight anything, we simply give it the space to pass through unchallenged.

We are safe and secure allowing us to be able to be 100% honest with ourselves. The perfect environment for review and reflection


In the podcast episode all about organic growth and the Queen of Pentacles, I offer some journal prompts. I want to offer them up to you again.

Prompt 1: Let’s start with an analysis of your ability to let go of control. It’s a big part of allowing for organic growth so here we go. Write down 10 times you have made plans or set goals and the universe has directed you in a completely new or opposite direction.

Prompt 2: Go through your list and write down how you coped with this. What did you do instead, how did it feel to have your original plans scuppered by fate? Once you’ve done that, highlight or mark off how many of those reactions were positive and how many were negative.

Prompt 3: Looking at your list again, do you have an abundance of positive or negative reactions to those redirections? If you have an abundance of positive reactions, why do you think you reacted that way? If you have an abundance of negative reactions, why do you feel you had those reactions instead of something more positive or optimistic?

Prompt 4: Finally, for any negative reactions write down what positive outcome came from that redirection.

So for example, if you had the plan to reach the most senior position at your work but then the company went under and it made you redundant. You probably won’t have had an overly positive reaction to that because you just lost your job, but positive outcomes of that might have been that you learned what you did and didn’t want from your career.

You may have realised you’ve been in the wrong career all along or you ended up working at a place you love even more because you were forced to look elsewhere by fate.