A Tarot Spread for a Mid-Year Review

We all love to set big goals at the beginning of the year, but as it goes on they get left behind in the past. How often do you check in mid-year to make sure you’re on the right track to meet those goals? How many times have you forgotten that you even had goals?

The next time you find yourself wondering ‘what Tarot spread should I do?’ think about when the last time you checked in with yourself was.

This mid-year review is the perfect Tarot spread to help you do just that. Review the energies that have got you to this point and what you can expect to cultivate as you move forwards.

Whether you do this 6 months into the year or 10 months into the year. There is no wrong time to sit down and make space for a bit of self-reflection.

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Card 1 – What you entered the year with

This position shows you what energy you sprang into the new year with. It’s a good time to reflect on this and assess why you had that energy to begin with, whether it’s still present and if not, when and why did it disappear.

This is so you can see how you’ve changed from the person you used to be compared to the person you are at this present moment.

Card 2 – What has been driving you

What is your motivation for getting to you are right now? This card will show you what your main driving energy is, and what’s fuelling you as you work towards the end of this year.

It’s a good shout to see if this is even an energy you want to harness and be a vessel for. It might be that this energy is not at all what you were trying to achieve. If so, then now is a great time to see how you’ve got to this point and how you could change things.

If it is an energy you’ve been trying to harness, then review what steps you took to get here and make a note of anything you observed along the way.

Card 3 – How have you approached this year so far

This is the energy you’ve been using to attack the year so far. Card 2 shows you the energy that has built up naturally over time, but this is conscious energy. You’re actively using this energy to move forward.

Again, is this energy what you were trying to use or has it evolved into something more? Do you think this is the right energy to be wielding? Do you think it is helping you or is it hindering/slowing down your progress?

Card 4 – A lesson that you’ve learned

This card represents a key lesson that you’ve learned so far this year. Take a look and try and identify what this might be referring to and what difference it has made.

Maybe this lesson has completely changed the goals you have for yourself. Maybe this lesson has made you rethink some aspects of your life or of yourself. Dive into this lesson so you can see how it has impacted you.

Card 5 – A lesson that you’re about to learn

This card shows a lesson that is currently open to you. It’s one that is on the horizon should you keep moving in the direction you are currently. This lesson may be something that really challenges you or could even derail you.

How do you feel that this lesson is on its way to you? Do you feel a need to change direction in order to avoid it? If so why? If you’re ready to face this lesson head-on, why?

Card 6 – Your goal for the rest of the year

This is the energy you are able to harness should you embrace everything the rest of the year has in store for you. This is a great card to sit with and really absorb the energy it is offering.

How does it feel? Is it a welcome energy? Does it make you feel excited or scared? Make sure to dive into any thoughts or feelings that appear and pick them apart as much as possible. Try and get to the root of why this energy is so important for you right now.

Tarot is such a powerful tool for self-reflection and also taking care of your overall well-being. If you’d like to find out how you can better utilise Tarot or Oracle cards in your self-care routine then why not explore my FREE ‘Creating a Self-Care Tarot Practice’ deep dive lesson?

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