July Is nearly here and that means one very important thing, it’s nearly time for the Buck Moon!

On the 5th July GMT, we will welcome the full energy of July’s full moon and a chance to do some serious soul searching, and shedding some old, stale energy. This is one of my favourite moons of the year, as it is the perfect time to really cleanse and renew yourself.

Why is it called the Buck Moon?

It’s around this time of year that the young bucks start to shed their antlers and settle down into the summer months. For us Witches and spirit junkies, we can collect these antlers to remind us that we can shed the old to make way for the new. If you have an altar, this is a great way to decorate for the full moon!

We take this natural occurrence and apply it symbolically to our own lives. As humans, we don’t have antlers to shed, but we can shed other parts of ourselves.

Think about all the bad habits or patterns you’ve developed, whether that’s over a few months or a few years. How have they impacted you? This is a time to recognise these things, so we can finally do something about them.

Activities for the Buck Moon

One of the best things you can do for this Buck Moon is a cleansing ritual. For this, you can use a bath or sage smoke as a cleansing tool. The idea is to get rid of all the negativity and the unnecessary weight holding you back from moving forward. This might be things like procrastination, boredom eating, self-destructive behaviour in love (cough, me, cough). Whatever it is that stops you from taking that all-important step forwards, address it and let it go.

This is also an amazing time to give yourself a full tarot reading, or to get a reading done for you. You can use the energy of the full moon to identify what it is that’s holding you back and start to put things in place to shed them and become a more enlightened person. I’ve put together a little Buck Moon tarot spread for you to try below!


Buck Moon Tarot Spread.png


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Ritual bath for the Buck Moon




Like I said, the Buck Moon is an amazing time for a cleansing ritual bath, or you can do this in the shower if you’re not a bath person or simply don’t have one. What you’ll need is:

  • Sage or Sage incense

  • Epsom salts

  • Small Bowl

  • Dried Lavender

  • Dried Rosemary

  • 3 Bay Leaves

  • An organza or muslin bag*

  • 2 White candles

Instructions for your bath ritual

  1. Start by lighting the candles, opening a window and running your bath.

  2. In your bowl, add 3 cups of Epsom Salts, 2 tbsps of dried lavender, 2 tbsps of dried rosemary and 2 tbsps of dried basil, mix it all together.

  3. You can then burn your sage or sage incense and imagine the smoke mingling with the steam and escaping through an open window. We are cleansing the room of any negativity and ensuring we can be completely cleansed once we get out.

  4. Add your Epsom Salt mixture to your bath and let it dissolve and the herbs sit for a few minutes. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of the herbs after, put the herbs into an organza or muslin bag and place in the water, adding the Epsom Salts straight into the bath. If you’re having a shower, halve the amount and use the Epsom Salt mixture as a light body scrub.

  5. Once your bath is run and your incense is burning, place your crystals as close to the bath or shower as possible and immerse yourself in the water. I like to play meditation music to relax me and centre my thoughts.

  6. Think about what you want to be rid of, what is no longer serving you and what you want to let go of in order to move forward.

  7. Once you’ve finished in your bath, let the water out and imagine that thing you want to be rid of, going down the drain with the bathwater.

  8. Make sure to blow out your candles and take a moment once you’ve got out the bath, to just assess how you feel. Then, continue with the rest of your full moon ritual!