How To Celebrate World Tarot Day & My Story

World Tarot Day is close at hand; if you’re unaware, I’m here to introduce it to you. Get ready to learn about what this day represents, how you can celebrate it and I’ll let you in on my Tarot journey so far.  

What is World Tarot Day? 

World Tarot Day was founded not too long ago back in 2003 by Den Elder. It celebrates the rebirth of a new world of Tarot, modernised and ready to serve us in a more personal way. 

Many emerging Tarot readers today are fighting to bring the world of Tarot to a new light. We want to show people how powerful a tool Tarot can be. Not for future telling or prediction, but for understanding the present and self more fully. 

When is World Tarot Day? 

World Tarot Day takes place every year on the 25th of May. What’s more, 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of World Tarot Day! 

It’s also a global event, not just found in the UK or Us, but it can be celebrated worldwide. 

How can you celebrate it? 

The very best way to celebrate this day is to spend time with your Tarot cards. Carve out time to cleanse them, use them or journal with them. Maybe even treat yourself to a new deck (like we really need an excuse).

If you’re really struggling to think of a way to spend World Tarot Day, then here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. 

  1. Use the hashtag #worldtarotday on your social media posts and share your daily reading, favourite deck or chat about why you love Tarot so much. 

  2. Gift a deck to someone else. Maybe there’s someone in your life that would love their own Tarot cards, or maybe you want to pass down your deck to someone close to you. 

  3. Reach out to other Tarot lovers. Whether it’s joining a community on Facebook or reaching out to your favourite Tarot readers online. 

  4. Learn one new thing about the cards. It might be what astrological sign is linked to them, maybe you learn more about the Fool’s Journey? Think about what areas of Tarot you could look more deeply into. 

  5. Give yourself a Tarot reading. What better day to take advantage of this global Tarot energy than to do a reading? 


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Why Tarot means so much to me personally

As a visual learner, I always found understanding more academic subjects difficult. That’s one of the reasons I never studied psychology after I left school. I wanted to and it was an area that interested me greatly, but I really struggled in an academic environment. 

For me, Tarot has given me a visual and emotional way to explore psychology and more importantly, my own psychology. 

As someone who is a lifelong sufferer of depression and anxiety, Tarot has offered me a way to not only manage my mental health but to understand it. It’s this understanding that has opened up so many doors for me.   

I can run myself as many baths, have holidays and have someone tell me what’s wrong until the cows come home. For me to actually be able to make actual changes to my well-being, I need to be aware of what’s going on inside my own head. For me, Tarot is that telescope and mirror that I need to see what’s happening. 

For me, Tarot is a more hands-on way to process information. It has given me the ability to take back control of parts of myself that I had so often felt was completely out of my control. 

So for me, this World Tarot Day is all about saying thank you to this tool. I want to thank the Tarot for always being there when I need it most and to continue to help me understand this crazy thing we call life!