Being able to be your authentic self is something that many people work their entire life to try and achieve. Having that connection with who we are authentically can help us feel fulfilled, aligned with our soul purpose and just generally happier and healthier.

Creating that connection with your authentic self though is not always an easy one. We have something called an adaptive self that often stands in the way. This adaptive self does what is needed in order to fit in and find a place in society. Although this ‘fitting in’ can bring its own wealth of positive emotions, it stops us from aligning who we are with the actions we take. Long term this can lead to feeling stuck, lost or unable to enjoy life to the fullest.

How can you start to connect with your authentic self?

When we’ve been adapting for so long, it’s hard to have the courage and confidence to open up that connection with the authentic self. We have to break down a lot of the protective walls we’ve built up in order to finally allow ourselves to be who we truly are.

To do that work, we need the right tools for the job. This is where Tarot comes in. I’ve tried a lot of different tools to help me do this deep inner work and the best by far is the combination of Tarot readings and journaling.

How does the Tarot put you in touch with your authentic self?

The Tarot is a divination tool that reflects back to you key information about who you are, what you do, what you think and what you feel. Think of a Tarot reading as a large mirror reflecting back to you all the different aspects of yourself, so you can finally see what’s going on under the surface.

Knowing how to use Tarot cards has a way of helping us to step outside of our own patterns and behaviours so we can readjust, realign and find solutions we couldn’t see before. It can allow us to see what it is we want the most, what our authentic self wants and needs.

It’s a bit like your authentic self uses the Tarot cards to talk to you. A bit like how spiritualists will use a Ouija board to speak to spirits or guardians, we can use the Tarot to talk to our most honest versions of ourselves.

Knowing how to use the Tarot is the greatest gift to yourself

I may be biased because I’m obsessed with learning about Tarot, but investing in a course to learn all 78-cards was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since learning to read the Tarot cards I’ve:

  • Built an online business that I can’t wait to work on every morning

  • Helped and connected with like-minded women who want to make the absolute most of the life they’ve been gifted

  • Massively improved my self-care routines and deepened the care I offer myself

  • Learned more about myself than I ever thought possible and can now easily connect with my authentic self

  • Made informed, intentional and confident decisions in all aspects of my life that have led to endless successes

There’s lots of ways you can give this gift to yourself. You could try and do it alone with a Tarot guidebook and regular practice. You could start listening to Tarot podcasts and practicing along with your own deck. Or, if you want to feel supported and gain insights and guidance from a Tarot professional, then take part in an online Tarot course for beginners.

The most important thing is to think about how you learn new skills best. If you’re an auditory learner than listening to podcasts or audiobooks will be best. If you’re a visual learner then seek out courses that include video lessons or online video tutorials. For those that learn best by getting hands on, buy yourself a deck and get stuck in with practical Tarot readings and learning tasks.

In my Tarot For Beginners course I try and cater to all learning types, with video lessons and presentations for audio and visual learners and plenty of practice tasks and quizzes for those that like to take a more practical approach.

Take a look at the course and see if you feel called to gift yourself the knowledge of Tarot.