Everybody loves their comfort zone, it’s like being wrapped up in a big fluffy duvet in the safety of your bed. Nothing can touch you, you are secure and warm and all that good stuff.

If we actually did stay in bed though, wrapped up in those comfy blankets, nothing would get done. We would never achieve anything and the same goes for your comfort zone.

Practising being uncomfortable

I always warn my clients that they need to be prepared to be uncomfortable. When reading tarot, you will never hear what you WANT to hear, only what you NEED to hear.

Growth can not come from feeding our own limiting beliefs, it comes from challenging them, getting vulnerable with yourself and accepting things you can’t change and battling with the things you can.

People often come to me with very personal or sensitive issues. After all, they are coming to me because they have a deep fear, doubt or concern that is bothering them. Admitting when we are afraid or doubtful is a hard thing to do! Especially to a complete stranger.

My tarot sessions are a safe and secure space for you to air out the things that are holding you back. There’s no judgement, simply someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off, all whilst working to resolve or overcome them.

You won’t feel comfortable, you may feel embarrassed or even ashamed, but remember, I’m here to help you move forward and progress to that next level, not criticise or scold you.

You need to do the work

During our sessions you will probably feel motivated, energised and ready to take on the world, but this optimism can be hard to hold onto once we part ways.

Remember, you need to do the work in order to see the results, nobody can do it for you. If you get homework after your reading, do the work. If you find other techniques that could help you to progress such as journalling, then do the work.

The only person that can make actionable change in your life is YOU. I can guide, advise and support, but I can’t wave a magic wand and make you do it without any effort on your part.

It’s always helpful to remind yourself why you wanted to get stuck in in the first place, what motivated you initially to seek answers or seek support? Write it down and stick it somewhere you can look at it everyday.