Tarot Podcasts For Learning

Tarot podcasts are a great tool for supporting your Tarot learning journey. But, they can be very tricky to pin down.

Below, you'll find a whole host of amazing podcasts that you can listen to on the go. Each one offers different perspectives on the meanings of the cards and how to read them. Give them a try and see which reader you vibe best with, to help support your own Tarot education going forward.

WORDS: Cat Crawford

IMAGE: Juja Han via Unsplash


There seems to be a growing number of Tarot podcasts, which is fantastic because the more readers’ voices are added to the mix, the more sources we have to tap into.

You may think that as a Tarot podcast host myself, I would encourage you to listen to my own podcast and not that of my ‘competitors’. If I hadn’t heard a number of different podcasts at the beginning of my journey, I would never have developed my own style. I encourage you to listen to as many Tarot podcasts and Tarot podcast episodes as often as possible.

To help you get started here are some of my personal favourites.

Tarot For The Wild Soul by Lindsey Mack

One of my all-time favourite Tarot readers, Lindsey Mack’s amazing Tarot podcast is something I encourage everyone to listen to. Lindsey reads the cards from a trauma-centred POV, using the guidance of the cards to heal and explore the parts of ourselves we may be avoiding or are too raw to face.

It was Tarot For The Wild Soul that made me want to create a podcast of my own, so I have a lot to thank Lindsey for.

If you like to use Tarot in a very practical and self-healing way, then this podcast will be a huge eye opener for you. It also caters to any and all skill levels, so you won’t get too confused when Lindsey is talking about their perspectives on the cards.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Understanding context in terms of card meanings and guidance 
  • Trauma and healing work with the cards
  • Those looking to work in a more holistic way with the Tarot
  • Perfect as an accompanying soundtrack for inner work and journaling. 

Website: https://www.tarotforthewildsoul.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildsoulhealing/


Tarot For The Wild Soul Podcast

The Biddy Tarot Podcast

Biddy Tarot Podcast

Many people starting off on their Tarot journey will have come across Biddy Tarot by Brigit Esselmont. Biddy Tarot is like the OG for beginner Tarot courses and resources.

The podcast took a short break but it’s now back with a bang. Ideal for focused learning time or even just listening in the car on the way to work to get that subconscious learning in.

Biddy Tarot is the master of beginner Tarot learning, so if you’re looking for straightforward learning experience, this is the podcast for you.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Absolute beginners
  • Learning the basic meanings of the cards and building strong foundations 
  • Those looking to eventually build a Tarot business for themselves 
  • Interviews with other Tarot influencers 

Website: https://biddytarot.com/podcast/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biddytarot


Energetic Tarot Podcast

Obviously, I had to put my own podcast in the mix, what kind of business owner would I be if I didn’t? The Energetic Tarot podcast was created based on my own Tarot Journaling process. In each episode, we tackle a self-development, self-discovery or personal development subject and use the guidance of a chosen Tarot card to help us investigate further.

It’s great for any level of Tarot reader and a lot of my Foundational Tarot students have said they love to listen to it to expand on what they’re learning in the course.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • All skill levels
  • Those looking for a self-development and self-help spin on reading the Tarot 
  • Learning how to read the cards in context of specific questions

Website: https://energetictarot.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theenergetictarot

Energetic Tarot Podcast

The Hierophant Sessions by Melinda Lee Holm

The Hierophant Sessions Melinda Lee Holm

I’ve said more than a million times how much I admire Melinda Lee Holm and the way she interprets the cards. She’s been a huge inspiration for me and really helped me to see how Tarot can be used holistically and for mental health.

Another podcast that has taken an (indefinite?) hiatus, but one that again I recommend. Melinda sits down with friends and colleagues to offer them Tarot readings around their most pressing issues. It helps to give a glimpse into how a professional Tarot reader performs a reading and it can be helpful to see how Melinda moves through the Celtic Cross spread.

I learned a hell of a lot from Melinda Lee Holm!

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Learning how to read for clients 
  • Learning to build story and narrative in your readings 
  • Hearing real-life Tarot readings take place 
  • Experiencing what a real Tarot reading should flow like

Website: https://hierophantsessions.libsyn.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melindaleeholm/


Tarot Bytes by Theresa Reed

Tarot Bytes is great for those of us that are completely in love with the Tarot and every tiny detail of the cards. Theresa Reed sits down to talk with other Tarot readers and energy healers to discuss everything Tarot. From alchemy in Tarot, misconceptions about Tarot readers, sceptics and so much more.

It’s a great podcast for those that are looking to advance their foundational knowledge. There are plenty of episodes dedicated to Tarot but also many that stretch out into wider esoteric subjects. This means I recommend this podcast for those with a few more years of experience under their belt.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Intermediate to advanced Tarot enthusiasts
  • Those looking to expand their interpretations by brining in wider esoteric subjects into their readings 
  • Those looking to practice Tarot in both a personal and professional capacity 

Website: https://www.thetarotlady.com/tarot-bytes/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetarotlady

Tarot Bytes Theresa Reed

The Tarot Diagnosis by Shannon Knight

The Tarot Diagnosis

The Tarot Diagnosis is hosted by licensed psychotherapist, Shannon Knight. This is a podcast that focuses on using Tarot as a support and tool for mental health.

Shannon really knows her stuff, not just about how to use Tarot effectively, but how it can massively aid with mental health recovery, introspection and personal development.

This podcast is similar to my own, in that it’s not so much about learning Tarot, but more about putting it into practical use. It’s a really easy listen, but the subjects can be quite intense so there’s something for whatever mood and energy levels you’re dealing with that day.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Learning how Tarot can aid and support your mental health 
  • Intermediate to advanced readers that want to expand the way they read for themselves and for others 
  • Those that want to use the Tarot as a holistic tool for better well-being

Website: https://www.thetarotdiagnosis.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetarotdiagnosis/


Root Lock Radio: A Tarot Podcast

This is a must-listen podcast for anyone starting out in Tarot because it really dives into the symbology and philosophy of the Tarot cards. It’s a great place to head to once you’ve completed a beginner Tarot course or you’ve learned the basic meanings of the cards and want to take that next step.

Again it seems to have gone on a hiatus, but it’s a great resource that you can tap into time and time again.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Beginners looking to dive into the deeper meanings of the cards
  • Reframing cards that you think you already know back to front 
  • Expanding on the very basic and foundational meanings 

Website: https://www.rootlocktarot.com/tarot-podcast

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rootlocktarot

Root and Lock Radio Podcast

Awakened Tarot by Jaclyn Kitzman

Awakened Tarot by Jaclyn Kitzman

This is specifically an educational podcast, so if you’re trying to teach yourself how to read Tarot, then this is fantastic. Jaclyn really breaks down each of the cards and talks through real-world examples that can help all the information feel more accessible.

I’d recommend using this one as an episodic lesson podcast, so make time to sit down and really listen instead of trying to get your chores done at the same time.

This Tarot podcast is best for: 

  • Those looking for a podcast that dives specifically into the foundational meanings of the cards 
  • Learning to read Tarot from the ground up
  • A perfect community feel podcast for absolute beginners 

Website: https://www.patreon.com/awakenedtarot

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/awakenedtarot/