It’s important to note if you want to start booking regular online tarot readings, that not all tarot readers are built the same. When it comes down to it, we are interpreters of the cards, we look at what’s in front of us and use our intuition to divine meaning and information. Some tarot readers do this to help you predict your future, but a lot of modern tarot readers use the cards as a tool for self-discovery, personal development and life guidance.

Making sure you know exactly what you need from your online tarot reading will really help you to avoid disappointment. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what lies in store for your love life, you won’t want to book a reading with a guidance reader like myself. Just like you wouldn’t want to book in with a fortune reader if you’re in need of some deep spiritual guidance and development, as it might end up being more of a distraction than a help.

Here are 5 questions I highly recommend asking both yourself and your potential reader before you go ahead and book that online tarot reading and some tips on how to determine whether a tarot reader is the right one for you and your needs.

5 questions to ask before booking your online tarot reading

  1. Before you set off on your hunt for an online tarot reading, get clear about what it is you’re looking to receive. Ask yourself ‘What information will be of the most benefit to me at this moment‘

  2. Decide whether you want to be told what is going to happen, or be given information that helps you find your own clarity

  3. Ask your potential tarot reader what you get with your reading. Some may just give you a quick reading and then leave you to make your own notes. For my clients, I create a detailed PDF breaking down their reading so that if they want to book in again, we can review what happened in our last reading. This also helps you determine whether you are getting good value for money.

  4. An important point, find out what kind of tarot reader they are. You can do this by researching them on their website, on social media and dropping them an email. Find out more about them, what their values are and what their personality is like. It’s such a better energy exchange if you can vibe with each other straight away.

  5. Finally, ask yourself how you want to feel after your reading. Do you want to feel empowered, have a clearer head, feel a new motivation for life? Are you prepared to deal with difficult emotions if the cards choose to give it to you straight? (which more often than not, they will do!)

Booking regular online tarot readings

Some online tarot readers, like myself, will offer you the chance to book a regular reading, creating a sort of coach and client relationship. When it comes to booking follow up readings I get a lot of people asking how often they should be getting a reading and to be honest, it really depends on why you’re getting a reading.

I tend to read for people that are in the middle of a particularly challenging time in their life, they may have lost their job, moving house, starting their own business or just dealing with the other ups and downs we all have to face in life. These readings have a goal of helping the person through these periods and therefore a monthly reading is ideal. However, if you are looking for a one-off bit of guidance to help you make a decision or gain a quick flash of clarity so you can get moving again, then once every three months will do the trick.

It all comes down to what you feel like you need. I like to think of my tarot reading as a support service, it is here when you need it, like a crutch or a dose of good soul medicine.

Hopefully, you’ve now got a better idea of how to start finding that perfect online tarot reading and how to approach a reader you really love. If you’d like to book an online reading with me, you can have a look at all your options right here on my tarot reading booking page, or if you’d like to start reading tarot for yourself, why not check out my intensive tarot for beginners course?