Money makes the world go round. That’s a fact and there’s not much we can do about it. Limiting beliefs around money can cause stress, stop you from taking risks or leaping towards your biggest and most exciting goals.

There might be something you would absolutely love to experience in your life, but money stops you in your tracks. Even those with bank accounts filled to the brim will not have enough to do something. For the rest of us though these limiting beliefs can be the thing that stands in the way of us creating that awesome dream business, stops us from taking that once in a lifetime trip or even being able to take time off work to rest.

If you find your money limiting beliefs are making you miserable, like mine were this time last month, then here are 10 things that might be fuelling those beliefs and how you can start to overcome them to live a happier and healthier life.

1) I’m not someone who is meant to have money

Says who? A lot of the time people who have this belief come from backgrounds where their parents struggled with money. Or their family members have a history with debt that has been carried through generations.

When it comes to this belief, ask yourself:

  • Why you feel you aren’t supposed to have money

  • What was your parents and grand parents relationship with money? Did they have some and lose it? Were they always in debt?

  • Have you adopted a belief that you’re not meant to have money because you’ve grown up with a lack your whole life? Think about the comments you heard around money growing up.

2) I’m not deserving of more money

Everyone is deserving of money, but we can often feel guilty about wanting more and more of it. You might tell yourself that you only want what you need to live, but is living hand to mouth really the way you want to live your whole life? Probably not.

When it comes to breaking this belief down, ask yourself:

  • What makes me underserving of money? What proof do I have that this is true?

  • Have you ever been in a position where you had an abundance of money but lost it or didn’t manage it wisely?

  • How could that have influenced this belief? Are you still using this as evidence as to why you don’t deserve money?

3) I don’t know how to handle a lot of money so it’s best to stay small

This is something I used to tell myself all the time and I had no evidence to back it up. It didn’t stop the belief from taking hold though. This is something else that can be passed down from generation to generation. We usually learn how to manage money based on our parents example. Or in some cases the example of our older siblings.

When you find yourself thinking that you don’t know how to manage money, ask yourself:

  • When I have I managed money well? How did I do it and how did it feel?

  • Am I making someone else’s experiences with money my own? Are these beliefs the beliefs of those around me rather than my own?

  • What are the pros and cons of stopping yourself from being able to make larger sums of money? Do the cons really outweigh the pros?

4) People won’t pay X amount for my services/products

This is one for the business owners and aspiring soulpreneurs. When you’re trying to build your dream business or side hustle this is one of the biggest limiting beliefs around money. It can stop you from pricing your services and products correctly and downplay your worth.

If you’re an entrepreneur, then ask yourself these questions to figure out how to overcome this major business block:

  • Taking away money, what value does my product or service offer my dream clients/customers?

  • Who is doing what I want to be doing? How many people follow them? How successful do they appear to be?

  • How much are other people charging for what I am offering? Am I under, over or matching those prices?

5) Money is bad and leads to greed and selfishness

There are many stories we’re exposed to that have money as the enemy, the route of all evil. We associate money with greed more than anything else, it’s a trope that we see in media and stories everywhere. Think about the story of King Midas and his golden touch, or all the villains in movies that have done terrible things for fortunes. This stays with us, a subliminal message telling us that if we’re rich, we must have done bad things to get there. Not true.

When you feel guilty about having more money than you need or you’re afraid to ask for more money at work, or accept loans or winnings, then ask yourself these questions:

  • How has money benefited me or brought positivity to my life or the lives of those around me?

  • What are all the ways money is used in a good way? Think charity, life experiences, gifting.

  • Thinking about all the things I would do if I had more money, what positives would those things bring me? What is my core reasoning behind wanting to attract more money into my life?

6) Money is limited so I should save as much as possible

There’s such a thing as being too careful with money. It’s called frugality. We hold on so tightly to what we have already that we block any more money flowing to us in the future. This is not to say we shouldn’t save for emergencies or a rainy day, but saving more than you really need to can leave you with nothing for the present.

You’re not a dragon hoarding gold, you are a human being that has to move through a life. Don’t make it unbearable for yourself if you have the option to live a life filled with adventure and joy.

When you start to tell yourself that money is limited and you need to hold on tighter to what you have, ask yourself these questions:

  • When is my next pay check coming in and when does the next one after that and the one after that? Visualise that money flowing in and out of your account like waves on a shoreline.

  • How much do I need to budget to live and pay bills and how much will be left over? Is that amount worth saving or could I find a way to treat myself right now?

  • What examples can I find where my money has been replenished when it was at its lowest?

7) I can’t be trusted with money because I shop too much

Poor money management is definitely something that many struggle with and those with a shopping addiction can face some serious consequences. However, it’s treatable. If you do shop too much, then you can look at your reasoning – does it give you a dopamine hit? Take your mind off real life? – and work to readjust that habit.

If this is a limiting belief around money that plagues you, ask yourself these questions:

  • When have I had an abundance of money and not bought anything?

  • How do I budget each month? Could I budget better? Create more structure in my finances? Could I learn more about money management to help me?

  • When have I shown that I can be responsible with money?

8) I can’t do what I love and be able to make a living

Where are my creative business owners because this one is for you. If you’re a Millenial or Gen X then you will probably have the belief that work is supposed to be hard. If you’re not doing whatever it takes to earn money then you’re not working hard enough. If you do something that you love and is tied to your passion, it’s a hobby not a job.

When I first started working for myself and working from home, I often had comments along the lines of ‘taking a break are we?’ whenever I went to get a coffee. Or, heaven forbid I finished work before 5pm because then I was ‘slacking’. This idea that work has to fit into a certain mould to be valid is a very outdated belief. One that Gen Z are very good at shattering.

So, whenever you’re thinking of that dream life and dream business, but are struck by this limiting belief ask yourself:

  • Who are my idols? The people already doing my dream job successfully.

  • How many people can I find that do what I want to do as a job? (Maybe you could even reach out to them and ask them about their own experiences)

  • How could I start to create a structure in my life that would help me support this dream career? Could I go part-time while I build the business? Could I start carving out intentional time to spend on my business throughout the week?

9) Money doesn’t buy happiness so why would I work harder to gain more of it?

This one is closely tied to that limiting belief around money somehow being bad. The phrase ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ is one we’ve heard thousands of times and now it’s seeped into our deepest subconscious. Originally this phrase was ‘money buys everything, except morality and citizens’ which is a lot more true than this very generalised phrase.

Money can’t make you happy on its own that’s for sure. When you don’t use it, money is just lumps of metal and paper or numbers floating about in the stratosphere. It’s what money offers you, what you can trade it for that can bring joy.

When thinking about how money can’t buy happiness, ask yourself:

  • If I take the material aspect out of it, what could money actually offer me?

  • What does money represent to me? What values can it help me to uphold?

  • What things give me joy and would I still have access to them without money?

10) I don’t have any control over how much money I make

Of course there will be people who do not have the privilege of having options when it comes to work, but I’m assuming that you are not one of these people. If you are then that’s another challenge for another time.

Whether you’re working a 9-5, freelance or have your own business you will have some control over how much you make. If you have a salary then why not ask for a promotion or pay rise? Prove your worth with data and stats if you have to but have the courage to put yourself out there and ask.

If you’re freelance or own your own business, look at ways you could make adjustments to cut costs or increase prices.

If this is a limiting belief that is stopping you from reaching the financial potential you want to achieve, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the money obstacles I’m currently facing created by external energies or internal ones?

  • Do I believe I am worth more money than I am currently attracting? If not why? If yes, why?

  • How much power do I really have over how much money I make? What are all of my options?

Limiting beliefs around money can be something that keeps you completely stuck and never evolving or moving forwards. To help you overcome them, why not explore my Soul Tarot Coaching sessions? Let’s work together to overcome these beliefs so you can finally start achieving your biggest goals.

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