Success is never a straightforward road, everybody achieves it differently and there is no one size fits all solution. For those striving for success, whatever that may look like for you, a one size fits all solution would be the dream, but instead we are left flailing around trying to figure everything out and feeling like we are the only ones not getting it.

Why can’t we all achieve success the same way?

There really is only one of you and you are completely unique. Your likes, dislikes, your personal experiences, what you went through during childhood, trauma, life changing experiences, travel, you name it, are all your own.

These are the things that mould and shape your brain, how you think and how you see the world around you. With that in mind, no two people will think the exact same way. One person may start a project the same as someone else, but because of their experiences and personality, they will mentally approach something completely differently, and therefore have different results.

We have to think of our own success in the same way. If you aren’t seeing the same results as someone who is doing the exact same thing as you, the problem may not be what you’re doing, but the mindset with which you are approaching it.

Obstacles will be created, whether internally or externally, that get in the way of our success and it’s up to us to work out how to overcome them, or if you have a more defeatist mindset, to choose to lay down and let them stop you completely. Remember, there is always a way around any obstacle, even if it means walking 100 miles away just to get around it, as they say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

How can we find our own path to success?

Finding your own path to success doesn’t have to include constant, frustrating amounts of trial and error, using a tarot reading is a great way to consistently check you’re heading in the right direction and identify anything you may come up against in the future.

I recommend that my clients get a full Celtic Cross reading every other month, with smaller readings in between, just to check in and make sure they are doing what they should be and maintaining the right mindset.

The way tarot helps with this, is it identifies the internal blockages that are the most common reasons for people not achieving success. If you’re not reaching your goals because you have self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from taking important risks, tarot will tell you. If your focus isn’t in the right areas or if your heart is not in a particular project, the tarot will tell you.

Tarot also offers answers and suggestions on how to overcome these blockages, either before they arise or whilst you are battling with them. It can help show you why you are facing those obstacles and what you need to do in order to unblock that energy and find the energy to propel you forward.

Tarot spread to find success

Below, I’ve created a tarot spread especially designed to help you identify what is currently stopping you from reaching success, what you need to do in order to solve that issue and what outcome you can expect once you’ve done the work.

The spread is designed in a triangle in order to show you how each flow of energy had resulted in the obstacle. Start from the bottom and work your way up, left to right.

Card 1: This is your subconscious beliefs, the things you believe deep down about yourself, that may be causing you issues or stopping you from taking the risks you need to take, indicated by the parallel card, Card 2.

Card 2: Is what risk you need to take right now. There’s always a risk we need to take when it comes to achieving success and this card is it. Use card 1 to find out more about this risk, use it to understand why it’s so hard for you to take it.

Card 3: The conscious mindset card represents your conscious thoughts and feelings about your current situation, it is influenced by those subconscious beliefs in Card 1 and mirrored in the risk you need to take in Card 2.

Card 4: Your environment refers to where you are physically right now and what is going on in your life. Physical, real-world obstacles are always going to pop up, so this card tells you what those currently are. You can also link this card with the risk card, using the risk card to tell you what could be at risk should you choose to take a leap.

Card 5: This is the obstacle, what is the big thing that you need to overcome right now? How are your subconscious beliefs creating or supporting that obstacle (Card 1)? How will taking that risk (Card 2) help you overcome that? How is your conscious mindset dealing with that obstacle and what changes could you make (Card 3)? How is your environment supporting or working against that obstacle (Card 4)?



Feel free to try this at home with your own tarot decks or you could also use oracle cards.

If you haven’t got your own tarot cards, or you want a more professional reading, I am here to do online career or business readings either over Zoom or over email. Together, we can get you on the right path and on your way to success!

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