Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Payment information provided to The Self-Care Emporium

All payment information provided to The Self-Care Emporium in order to complete purchases, will not be kept for more than 30-days in our database. This time period is designated, should you need to request a refund or compensation for a faulty or damaged order.

We do not sell or share this sensitive information with third parties and information is kept in a secure database for the time period of which it is kept in our system.

Sensitive information: Postal Address, Payment Details & Phone Numbers

All sensitive information is kept safe and secure with the strictest confidence. This information is not shared or sold to third parties. This information is used in order for us to complete your purchase and deliver your items. This information is kept for a maximum of 30-days in order to safe guard your order and delivery.

Email Address Information

If you sign up to the Self Care Coven newsletter, you are agreeing to receive any and all promotional materials created by The Self-Care Emporium. You are free to unsubscribe at any time and your details will be immediately removed from our mailing list. We will never share or sell our mailing list to third parties or send promotional material that is not directly related to The Self-Care Emporium.

We will also use your email address to send you confirmation of your order, as well as a follow up email to request a review of your order and feedback on your experience. Unless you have signed up for the newsletter, you will not receive promotional emails once your order has been completed.

Cookies & Advertising

In order to better reach and serve our audience, this websites uses cookies in order to collect user information. This information includes your IP address, activity on this website and third party websites. We use Google Analytics to review and access this information, which is in turn paired with Google Ads. You may see or receive ads related to your activity.

We also use social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. By agreeing to the cookies on this website, you are giving us permission to use this data and information to serve you online advertising across social and third party websites.