The most well-known form of Tarot is fortune-telling. We see it in movies on TV. We see it in artwork and read it in books, it’s all we have known for centuries.

These days, Tarot readers like myself are changing the landscape of Tarot. We’re giving it a more holistic Tarot identity that aims to help people deal with the present, more than look to the future.

What is holistic Tarot?

The word holistic can be defined in two different contexts. One is philosophical and the other is in medical.

In philosophy, holistic is,

characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
— Oxford Dictionary

In laments terms, you can only truly understand something if you see the entire picture and not just the connections between the pieces that make up the picture.

In medicine, holistic is,

characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.
— Oxford Dictionary

Meaning our overall well-being has to take into account everything our bodies and minds are exposed to in order to understand what is wrong or right with it.

It’s an amalgamation of these two contexts that we work with in holistic Tarot reading. We are trying to put all the pieces together to see the bigger picture, so we can then take care of our well-being in the most in-depth way possible.

Why is holistic Tarot so important right now?

We are very much in the middle of a mental health crisis right now. More people than ever are suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD and more. Our modern world was built for convenience, but not for well-being.

There’s been a resurgence in spirituality, astrology and witchcraft as people scramble to find a way to feel more connected to the earth. To feel more present and calm. Connecting with nature and the universe has been a way for people to find meaning, support and guidance for tens of thousands of years. Even if how it looks has changed, the premise has always stayed the same.

Holistic Tarot is a tool we can use to find this feeling of connection and oneness with the world. It can give us the information we need in order to make sense of the insensible, to find hope in the darkness and find comfort in those low times.

Using holistic Tarot reading has not only helped me manage my anxiety and depression, but it’s also helped me to help others. The Tarot offers us guidance about those smaller pieces that make up the big picture. It can help us to understand the different energies at play, the imbalances that are causing issues and reveal parts of ourselves we didn’t even know about.

The reason holistic Tarot is so important right now is because we need a vessel to show us the way back to ourselves. We’ve lost touch with who we are as human beings and using Tarot, we can make our way back to who we really are.

How can you get started in the world of holistic Tarot?

The best way to start on your journey with holistic Tarot is by grabbing yourself a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards and being open to the guidance it offers.

allow yourself to become vulnerable during your readings, to allow the Tarot a look into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself.

If you have never picked up a deck before then I highly recommend my Tarot For Beginners course, which will help you to learn the meanings of the cards and give you all the information you need to build a consistent and supportive Tarot practice.

If you’ve already dabbled in the world of Tarot, then why not join me in one of my online Tarot For Reconnection workshops? We come together to learn how to use the Tarot and Oracle cards to dive deeper into our subconscious, gain new perspectives and build a consistent holistic Tarot practice which benefits our well-being.

Ultimately, you want to shift the way you view the Tarot. From a supernatural means of telling the future, to a holistic way to be more present. See the cards as a way to uncover the hidden layers of yourself, access your deepest subconscious and open yourself up to the power of intuition.