Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini this November 2020. Not only is it a Full Moon, but it’s also a lunar eclipse. If that means absolutely nothing to you, here’s a brief description of what a lunar eclipse is and what it means for us.

A lunar eclipse is when the light of a full moon is partially or fully obscured by the earth’s shadow. For those in North and South America, as well as parts of Asia and Australasia, will be able to see this shadow pass over the face of the moon. For the rest of us, we’ll be able to catch a small glimpse of this as a small shadow passes over the very top part of the Full Moon. Energy-wise, this time is often one to be aware of. It’s not a time for action as our thinking can be clouded or shadowed, so instead, it’s time for some powerful reflection or planning for the future.

As you’ll know, every month over on Instagram I film a little Full & New Moon tarot reading for you all. I wanted to share this month’s reading with you here, so you can refer back to the key messages and lessons whenever you need them.

Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Reading


Featured deck: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot


As to be expected there’s not a lot of action happening, all the wands cards are either in the past or the conscious positions, showing us that although we may be wondering what to do next, we shouldn’t act on those thoughts and ideas. Instead, we’re using them to inform our strategies and create plans of action for the next few weeks.

Grounding ourselves in the present

We’re coming out of this fiery, chaotic energy of the Five of Wands and moving straight into the Three of Swords. We’ve been through a lot in the past year and we’ve still got a long way to go. We’re starting to feel the impact of this in that Three of Swords, especially in the isolation of the Five of Coins which is preventing us from being able to heal fully and move forwards.

For us here in the UK, we’re just about to come out of lockdown 2.0 and we’ve had to deal with some pretty conflicting rules around what we can and can’t do. We’ve now been thrown a lifeline with this offer of relaxing the rules for Christmas, giving a lot of people hope that they can finally spend some quality time with their family. However, this new situation is a double-edged sword. We’ve been given the opportunity to make our own decision regarding mixing and how much freedom we let ourselves enjoy. There are pros and cons on both sides, so how do we find clarity in this confusing time?

The Page of Coins and the Three of Coins suggests that we try and find new ways to practice our annual traditions. They tell us that it might be a good idea to look at different ways we can experience this time of year and to be flexible and open to doing things in a new way. We have to ground ourselves in the present, look at the facts, the figures and then start to question what our own personal opinions are about this situation.

How do YOU feel about things?

The Queen of Swords is what we’re working towards, we need to reach a place where we can make plans and communicate our feelings with clarity and self-assurance. We need to be comfortable with our own feelings and opinions and be able to use them in order to make the decisions that need to be made.

With the Two of Swords pushing in from the external position, there may be a lot of conflicting views or opinions coming in from those closest to you that may confuse you or throw you off. Remember we’re working with a Full Moon in Gemini energy right now, so we have to be compassionate and open to hear ideas and opinions that may differ from our own. We need to hear both sides of an argument before we make that all-important final decision and allow the thoughts of others to inform our own.

If you can be open and honest about how you feel and view on the matter and be able to listen as much as you talk, then being able to make finalised plans will be much easier. The root of this reading is the Ten of Pentacles, so what we want is to be able to feel some semblance of normalcy, connectedness and stability and the way we achieve that is by channelling the Queen of Swords. We allow everyone to have their say and we make plans from a compassionate and emotionally intelligent place. This applies to all areas of your life, so it may be referring to making Christmas plans with your family, or it could be hinting at the path you need to take with your business throughout December.

Remember that you’re just planning and feeling things out right now. Don’t take action or finalise anything just yet. Make sure you know how you feel about things, as well as how others involved feel and make decisions as a group or a team. Two heads are much better than one after all!